Tools and Sources

Hootsuite is one of my preferred social media trend listening/monitoring tools that I use on a daily basis for work. In addition to the ability it offers in distributing information simultaneously through multiple social networks, Hootsuite organizes each network/platform in columns side-by-side making it easy for the user. As a Communications Officer for a First Nation, this is a huge advantage, since you avoid visiting each network individually and can manage your time more easily through one website. I’m also able to see some of our community partners posts as well, such as municipalities, counties, cities, non-profits and other types of organizations surrounding the First Nation. Even though we often work closely on certain projects and can identify similar trends, I can continue staying informed through news and events that I was not initially privy too. Lastly, one can also schedule posts, if you find yourself occupied or are planning to take a vacation. 

TweetReach is another monitoring and listening tool that I use, especially when I want to know how many people connect to my tweets. Essentially, it’s a tool that is great at measuring the effectiveness of certain discussions on social media, but also highlights your audience. In this way, you can see who’s more influential, thereby directing more effort to the right target group for better results. Although it works solely with Twitter, it provides real time analytics through charts, trends and other variables. Although TweetReach might be better suited for companies with a large product base, I still find it useful during certain campaigns that occur on the First Nation. 

One of my favourite sources of news and updates is, a news aggregate website. The site is neatly organized with your usual news categories situated on the left side and also at the top of the page. Instead of visiting specific online news agencies about certain topics, one can simply click on a category, for example Technology, and it brings up a bevy of articles from news outlets around the world. The same applies to searching for news in other countries, offering a convenient alternative to traditional news mediums. One bonus of aggregate websites like this is that it provides the visitor with different perspectives relating to similar subjects. Thus, a reporter in Belgium for instance, might have a completely different outlook of entrepreneurial ambitions amongst youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo than a Congolese reporter would. 

Lastly, I often visit to read up on the latest news in the business world. It’s an ideal website for those like myself who are not experts in finance, business or economics, but are nonetheless interested in following market trends and reading expert opinions. They provide a live market ticker with a number of stocks throughout the day, list typical indices and commodities, such as the Dow Jones and Gold in real time and post videos from televised and website broadcasts. Visitors are immediately confronted with the main story on the center page with a large title and video below it along with additional stories to the side of it. BNN Bloomberg also has an android app making it simple to follow news and stock prices. 

Although we’re bombarded with a seemingly daily array of new types of technologies, one has to gauge different social media platforms and monitoring tools and decide, which strategy they should adopt for the company and organization they work for. There is no single working formula. 

2 thoughts on “Tools and Sources

  1. Awesome post! I’ve never heard of TweetReach before, but it sounds like a really useful tool. I’ve used Hootsuite before and it really is a great platform. We use Buffer and found that have this tool to monitor and schedule has been incredibly helpful!

    • Its a pretty effective tool when it comes to analytics. I’ve never used Buffer, but I’m sure its quite similar to Hootsuite. Apps like these are amazing in the amount of time it saves users.

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