COM0015 – Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

There are two organizations that stick out in my mind when I think of impressive social media strategy. Mostly because they reworked their brand to increase sales as their organization hit a plateau and needed some help. They did this using social media strategies. 

The first organization is Canadian Tire. Everyone knows the brand however, most don’t know that they implemented the TESTED for Life in Canada program where they sent products to Canadians for testing. These Canadians would use it and provide a review. They also used social media influencers to promote their products, which would be promoted on both the influencer and Canadian Tire’s social media platforms. After reviewing their instagram, and scrolling back to the beginning, you can see how they’ve completely transformed their theme or strategy. 

Image Source

The second organization is Dove. They were simply a soap company that promoted their product but found a cause. They decided to promote body image and changing beauty standards which has opened their social media strategy to not only push their promotion. In turn, they are using their platform as a “voice”, while ensuring they are promoting their brand name. One thing that really seems to pop, is that they use plenty of short clips that draw in social media users. It really breaks up the many photos they post and can really help connect with the videos. 

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The organization that needs a little assistance would be Mechanical Business. There is no strategy, theme or consistency in their postings. As it is a publication, the news they promote is a variety so the theme can be difficult. However, they only post once a day and between monday and friday. There is no strategy in their postings and they do not tag companies or contacts. They would drastically benefit from a strategy.

They first need to research their customers and clients and see what they are looking at and interested in. They need to review and research their competition to see what they are doing and then implement a strategy. This would include a schedule, types of postings, contests and trying to get the cover celebrities to also promote their story on their social media. 

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. Hey Caroline, you definitely provide solid comparison of these company. I didn`t know about Canadian Tire`s marketing strategy until your post. It made me look into their instagram which is a well managed account. I feel the company is successfully connected with their customers using the social media. After reading your analysis of the three companies, I think it really proves that social media nowadays do make a difference for companies.

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