Improve Your Food Game With Social Media

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Do you love to cook? Are you great in the kitchen? New ingredients your thing? Or do you dread having to prepare meals, have challenging special dietary needs, or find yourself cooking the same things over and over again? Either way, social media is a game-changer for experienced home chefs, those who have been known to burn water, and everyone in between.

Here’s how to use social platforms to maximize your time spent in the kitchen, learn some new skills, and fill up lazy evenings with entertaining food content – after all, you can only watch The Office so many times!


You may already follow your favourite restaurant on Facebook, but you may be missing out if you stop there. Restaurants often have promotions, special menu items, and giveaways that are only advertised online. There are also many Facebook communities for recipes and meal ideas, as well as specialty groups for those with dietary restrictions. Out of ideas for your kids’ school lunches? Suddenly lactose intolerant? Did you get an Instant Pot for Christmas and you’re terrified of it? Facebook has your back!


Do you want to learn how to cook the perfect #sousvidesteak? Are you unsure what to do with that bag of #hemphearts in your pantry? What exactly is #gochujang? If there’s an ingredient, method or recipe, you can bet there will be a #hashtag associated with it. Use the “follow hashtag” tool on Instagram and have curated content show up in your feed!

Instagram is also a great place to find niche food accounts. Just in case you need a whole feed devoted to poutine or weird kitchen gadgets!


There is a YouTube chef for everyone! Look up the author of your favourite cookbook, or simply decide on a style of cuisine that appeals to you, type it into the search function, and see what you find. Try Sam The Cooking Guy, Cheap Lazy Vegan or Alton Brown for inspiration here. All three of these channels are entertaining and informative, but very different in style and content.

Another treasure trove of culinary goodness are Youtube test kitchen channels. Up until a few years ago, test kitchens were primarily a behind-the-scenes tool that the food industry used to trial recipes for their magazines, shows, and restaurants. Lately, thanks to social media’s reach, some of those test kitchens have evolved to become learning tools (not to mention entertainment!) for the rest of us, by creating content especially for viewers. Test kitchen staffers double as on-screen personalities and teach viewers about new techniques, tools, and best practices, create innovative recipes, and dive into the more unusual side of cooking, just in case you wanted to learn to ferment your own kimchi. My personal favourite is Bon Appetit, the test kitchen behind the famous magazine.


Reddit is a discussion platform that allows users to share posts, images and links in any number of forums (called subreddits). Users and their posts are rated by other users in a system of upvotes, downvotes, and the content that appears first is usually by the best contributors. It is also a hotbed of excellent resources. r/askculinary is a great place for finding cooking help, and is also a fantastic source of inspiration for meals. If you’re a great chef but need help with your presentation, try r/culinaryplating. Or, if you’re brand new to cooking and need help with… well, everything, go ahead and join r/cookingforbeginners and work your way up to a kitchen pro status in no time.


This is the home of all of the great food blog content. A majority of bloggers post their content to Pinterest to expand their reach and increase traffic to their site, so if you’re looking for a blog that features Indian cuisine, gluten-free recipes, slow cooking, or any other niche, this is a great place to start your search.

Pinterest is also one of the best places on the internet to find visually appealing, easily digestible information, in the form of infographics. If you need a measurement conversion chart, a meat doneness temperature scale, or a primer on what produce to store in the fridge or on the counter, look no further than Pinterest.

Are you an experienced home cook or a rookie? What’s your favourite foodie account on social media?

Improve your food game with social media, whether you’re a newbie or a pro!

Kitchen problems? Use social media to become a pro chef! #yummy #cooking

6 thoughts on “Improve Your Food Game With Social Media

  1. Thanks for all the great information. I’m a novice cook who refers to Pinterest for inspiration. I’ve never tried Reddit, but your post has nudged me to take a closer look.

    • Reddit was new to me as well; I only joined about six months ago. It’s become one of my favourite resources in a lot of areas, cooking being one of the big ones. For sure worth a further look!

  2. What a fun read. I can’t believe after reading this that I have stayed at the stage of recipe look-up from or when it comes to my cooking and social media use. There is much more exploring to be done out there! Thanks for the great information.

  3. Great article! Social media is taking over in every aspect and can be an excellent tool to use in the kitchen to help us improve our cooking styles. I will check out those pages and channels. Thank you for the interesting article.

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