Com0014 – Blog 4: B2C Case Study [Wendy’s] – Do you want a roast with that?

Immediately when thinking about brands who use social media to engage with customers, Wendy’s comes to mind. Wendy’s takes an interesting approach to their social media efforts, which earns them a lot of buzz online and contributes to their brand awareness. Namely, Wendy’s is known for roasting customers and competitors alike.

Wendy’s approach to social media stands out compared to other brands. They still post the traditional product and promotional posts, but they’re unique content has customers coming back for more. They have a clear idea of how they use social media, just read at their twitter bio: “We like our tweets the same way we like to make our hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.”. Wendy’s is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with Twitter being their most popular with over 3.5 million followers. Twitter allows them to seamlessly engage with customers, as well as deliver some quick roasts too. Wendy’s uses their social media well to engage with customers, responding to their comments and even joking around with them.

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No shame.

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Wendy’s is known for roasting customers, and despite how it sounds, this brings a lot of positive attention to the brand and customers flock to the account for their chance to be roasted. This unique approach is seldom found in competitors’ social media accounts, and allows Wendy’s to stand out from the rest. They also post relatable content and stay up-to-date with trends, posting memes and challenges along with the rest of their content.

It’s hard to say how Wendy’s modern approach to social media impacts sales. While memes and roasts are fun, it’s not necessarily convincing customers to buy their product. It does, however, keep customers interested in their content so they are more likely to stick around and see the traditional promotional posts which drives them to make a purchase. Wendy’s is one of few brands that isn’t afraid to be relatable and jovial with customers, which gives their social media a much more personal touch instead of feeling cold and corporate. It will be interesting to see if brands follow in their path as social media continues to explode in popularity.

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