COM 0014 ~ Blog #4

B2C Case Study

Our family business Derand Motorsport has made huge strides this year in utilizing Social Media to engage with our audience online. Derand is a local Ottawa retailer that specializes in electronics and accessories for cars and trucks.

Derand has a website, as well as social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Its interesting how each platform has developed organically into serving a completely different purpose. Facebook is where the majority of our current clients interact with Derand. Our Instagram following is growing rapidly, but our customers still tend to engage more on Facebook.

Much of Business to Consumer marketing will be product driven, as our course content this week confirmed. We have found with our Derand social media content that our followers engage much more with content based around people and their stories than when we share product focused content.

Meat and Grease Car Show at Derand

Being a local business, interested in converting people who live in Ottawa to customers of Derand, we have found event marketing successful, paired with promotion of events on social media. For the past few years, we have hosted local car shows, meet ups and cruise nights at our Ottawa store location. This connection has given us abundant content that local car enthusiasts are looking for. Sponsoring local car shows has sent thousands of local followers to our social media and organically grown our local following. This strategy seems to be working currently for Derand.

As with most businesses, there is room for improvement. For Derand, we hope to set up and begin an email marketing programme this year. As well, we will continue to test new forms of content, particularly looking for ways to engage with our customers online. Recently we have been testing facebook ads which are product relevant and ask for a direct response ~ message the store for a quote. This new form of marketing on social media seems to be giving us more opportunities to engage our clients and potential clients in conversation.

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