COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Social Media

Jewelry is something that has been around forever, not much has changed over the years. What has changed is how jewelry companies engage with their audience. In today’s current society, using social media is very important for business. There is one relatively new jewelry company who I think does a good job of it – GLD.

Over the last few years, GLD (@shopgld) has focused heavily on their instagram presence and has grown to a massive 1 million followers. That is extremely impressive, especially for a business to do, as it’s much harder to gain followers compared to a personal brand or theme page.

They use instagram to expand their audience by capturing attention from other users of the platform who have yet to find out about the brand. This comes organically from their posts, from customers sharing their content, and from paid ads.

With this large audience, they share content of their jewelry and show off an attractive lifestyle in efforts to connect it with owning their products. They often use these posts to update their audience on new releases, sales and other information.

Overall, they clearly know what they’re doing and I think they’re doing a very good job. They understand their target audience and what they want to see, as well as how to attract new people.

I think they could improve by putting more effort into utilizing other platforms like TikTok and blogs. I also think they could do a better job of communication with their followers on Instagram one on one, for example in the comments. 

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