From Movie Stars To Professional Athletes: How Social Media Is Being Used For Personal Branding

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These days, it’s no surprise that celebrities are using social media as a platform to further engage with fans throughout the world, something that was essentially non-existent twenty years ago. Often times, such engagements are designed to raise the status of individuals, while other times they are designed to promote new film releases or promote causes, such as fighting to cure breast cancer.

Here are some well-known examples of celebrities using social media successfully.

1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

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Perhaps the most influential celebrity today is ‘The Rock’ raking it in at the box office seemingly every film that he releases. But, more than his box office success is his ability to connect with his fans through social media. He often gives inspirational videos that he takes of himself and posts them directly on Instagram, where he has over a 100 million followers (Robehmed, 2018). However, it’s not merely audience engagement that has pivoted him to the top. His social media presence has transformed the way in which film companies market new releases, paying him directly for promoting films on social media. He now charges fees of up to several millions of dollars for promoting films in which he stars in (Lynch, 2018).

2. P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn

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N.H.L. superstar P.K. Subban routinely lights up social media with his beaming smile. It seems that he found a fitting match in skier Lindsey Vonn, when they met in 2018 and began a relationship that was closely followed on social media. The couple, now engaged after Vonn proposed to Subban through social media, are the ideal online couple, which chronicle their lives through social media.

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Yet, its Subban’s act of kindness and generosity, which he has demonstrated through digital mediums, which makes him stand out more than most athletes. Although he posts a lot of stuff related to his career as a professional hockey player, he often shares posts of work that he does with sick children and the inspirational stories that accompany patients and their families (McShad, 2017).

While its certain that not all celebrities or athletes can become as influential as these examples, we continue seeing the capability of reaching out to audiences by non-traditional means. This has brought fans closer to their idols, by-passing traditional news outlets, which would act as intermediaries so to speak. While questions could be raised whether social media is used to raise one’s own stock in pursuit of advancing careers, there are sincere individuals that are using it for more than just personal gain, which is a good thing. What do you think?

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