Real Life VS Social Media Threats

Scanned Copy

Social media perspective

After the above certificate I guess my whole perspective about social media in terms of security has changed. I was assigned in February 2018 as a creative director in-charge of elections campaign in a very hostile country and we had to accomplish security courses, but I never thought how the first day of the training would be like.

Google search snapshot

Something like above picture with more details about me, my wife and my daughter was displaced in a matter of seconds. It freaked me out. I believe this is the kind of threats that everyone is facing nowadays. Your whole life can be in the open in a matter of seconds if you really do not know how to use social media wisely.

Physical Risks

RPS Partnership. (2017, May 20). RPS Partnership is a Risk Mitigation Consultancy.

RPS Partnership is an agency that give trainings to people who has to travel to hostile countries for work reasons. Basically RPS get hired by companies operating in those areas to train their staff. The video above summarize for me the way of social media as well. According to RPS, the training course includes a complete part on how to not get securely exposed using social media specially if you are set to travel to some risky countries.

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.

Kahlil Gibran. Wise Old Sayings. Retrieved February 09, 2020, from

• Have you ever been in dangerous situations?

• How you reacted?

• Did you receive special trainings?

• Did you feel comfortable and confident after the training?

Going Back in Time

Nokia 6110

Sometimes the only solution provided by those security training companies is using very old technology. In my case it was a very old Nokia mobile phone, untraceable and specially has no options to enable social media live location. It is very important to not draw attention in countries like that as a foreigner and social media is one of the sources of intel used by terrorist organizations across the globe, even if you do not post anything on your social media like pictures, videos or comments about where you are, there is a huge possibility to be tracked using those tools.

What can I do to keep my Facebook account secure?

There are so many ways to set your social media profiles to maximum security. In this blog we are going to talk about facebook. Recently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg faced some problems regarding facebook security levels and how it is using all this huge intel. After so many hearings Facebook took this matter to the next level and introduced so many more options for the user to apply in order to keep his info secure.

Read more about Facebook security:


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