The Future of Social Media

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I’ve always been fascinated contemplating the future and what lies in store for humanity. Certainly, the most significant increase in technology in my lifetime has been with computers. Computers are a billion times more efficient than they were 50 years ago. And that technology is improving at an exponential rate. Moreover, we have seen social media explode, almost like the Big Bang, since the birth of Facebook 16 years ago. When you look at the incredible influence Facebook has on humanity, combined with the multitude of other social media platforms, I thought an interesting topic would be to explore the future of social media.

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Before that though, I think it is important to look at the future technology that will host and serve as the vehicle for the future of social media. We are already seeing the early stages of wearable technology. Devices, such as, Fitbit, Apple watches, and the Google Glasses are in the very early stages, but they allow for limited communication without the need of a screen-based device that you need to carry. The wearable technology that is most likely to become readily available in the near future include; rings, smart bracelets, smart watches, and eyewear that will be capable of providing more content and interaction then current technology. Along with this wearable technology, voice recognition will become a basic component, allowing the individual to manage every aspect of the device simply by speaking to it.

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These devices will allow for a rapid integration of social media into our daily lives. It’s predicted that within 4 years, 2.44 billion people will be connected in some fashion with social media. While no experts in the field deny the fact that social media will become a fabric of our being in the near future, and long-term future, there are a number of different opinions on to what extent, and in which manner social media will exist. Virtual reality technology will allow us to experience news breaks in real time, and allow us to be there in the moment while it’s happening. There is some consensus from experts that 20 years from now the term social media will become obsolete, along with many of the platforms that exist today, such as, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Mass media will rule the day, while the internet, and access to data, will be as commonplace as electricity, accessible by voice. We will be able to share personalized experiences with each other, such as taste, touch, and smell. This will be possible with the use of wearable devices, and even devices that can be implanted inside of us. As scary as that sounds.

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As far as my own visions of the future of social media, I firmly believe that technology will play a huge role in terms of social media. You’ll never have to worry about losing your device, as you’ll likely be wearing it. Social media will become a basic human function. It will likely be the platform in which children are taught in school. Quite possibly negating the need for schools even. School could be virtual. In the workplace, virtually every job will include some aspect of social media. Whether it is sales, marketing, or any type of communication with customers or otherwise, it will all be controlled through social media. Or whatever form social media takes in the future. Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction TV shows and movies to get different interpretations of the future. Is it possible we may get to that point in their existence much quicker than Hollywood predicts? I would love to hear any comments as well as your own predictions for the future of social media.

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3 thoughts on “The Future of Social Media

  1. Your blog certainly makes you think! Recently I was watching a movie (can’t remember the name) but it was futuristic and all I could think was “this isn’t that far off from what we have now”. I’ll admit I have an apple watch, but I don’t use it for even half of what it’s capable of. Siri bothers me haha. I’ll still type into the search bar instead of talking to her. But I do like how you mentioned “mass media”. Your probably right on the money with that one!

  2. Loved your post! It will be so interesting where we travel to with social media. It is always interesting when something new comes out. There is often resistance, and then slowly over time it becomes the “norm”. They say that the smartest people only use about 10% of their brain capacity, so the possibilities are endless! 🙂 I much enjoyed reading your post! Thank you.

  3. Technology is the future and future is technology my friend. A very nice topic and read. One of the main risks for this advanced technology is car accidents. I myself own an apple watch and I had to disable the push notification on it to minimize the urge to read my messages or any social media posts while driving. It is tempting and if we are not careful on how we should use technology it can lead to a big tragedy.
    Thank you for your post and good luck.

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