Stakeholders, Customers, Partners – Oh My

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As a project manager within a technology services company – planning communication and engagement with your audience is a key underpining to leading a project to success.

Getting to know the project sponsors is important to me so that I can plan and determine the most effective method to communicate updates on my projects. I research my project stakeholders by reviewing information available to me within my companies intranet listings, and by using the linked in app to learn about their background.

Meetings with stakeholders and related teams assists me to gain insight into their teams objectives and how it may relate to this project. It can also highlight to me any challenges or areas of concern which will need to be addressed to continue to have support, Looking at the broader scope of requirements to communicate change from a project, I need to be aware of any requirements for e.Learning materials. As well as updating internal web references with any new information and ensuring communications distributed via email reference refreshed links. ring my meetings with the stakeholders for a project

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