Com0014 – Blog 3: Target Audiences

Photography is a passion of mine, and something I very much enjoy doing outside of work. It serves as a creative outlet for me is a great escape from the hectic routine of everyday life. When I say photography, I don’t mean just taking pictures of your latte with an iPhone, I mean using a legitimate DSLR camera and manipulating camera settings to achieve different effects. Delving more into characteristic of hobby-photographers, I’ve done some research which sheds more of a light onto this group, and certain strategies to captivate this audience.

Photography enthusiasts are pretty evenly split gender-wise, with a slight skew towards males. Photography costs a bit of money to get into properly with the right base equipment. Because of this, the typical photographer is middle to upper class, and has likely pursued post-secondary education.  This puts them in a slightly higher income bracket, which allows them to afford the required equipment.

Hobby photographers primarily fall into the age bracket of 18-29, which makes them quite modern and trendy in nature. Sharing is also common in the photography community, whether it be sharing local places to go take pictures, the best equipment to be using, or the actual photos themselves. A certain photographer’s opinion on things like equipment are more influential if their content is excellent. Nobody is going to want to buy a camera recommended by somebody whose pictures are constantly blurry and over-exposed.

Photography content is typically shared on sites like Instagram and Flickr. This makes sense since the age category also overlaps with the ages that most frequent these websites. The bustling communities on these sites make them a great platform to use for targeting these audiences. Companies can easily reach audiences with targeted Instagram ads, or by working with small photographer influencers in the community.

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