Making Memories

Winterfest at Kings Dominion in Virginia

Each year over the Christmas vacation, my children and I go to Virginia to visit family. Even on years when we might enjoy an extended stay at home, the kids have come to value this experience as one of our holiday family traditions and truly love our end of the year trip to see family in Virginia.

We each have our favourite things to do or see while we are there. Each year, we also try to have a new or different experience as well.

There is an amusement park near my family home in Richmond Virginia, called Kings Dominion. My children have been several times in the summer to enjoy the traditional thrill rides and indulgences that are standard at an amusement park.

Last year, we discovered that they park had a new holiday opening over Christmas, called Winterfest. We missed arriving in time to go last year, but this year planned our dates to accommodate a Winterfest family outing.

The park was dressed up in literally millions of the most beautiful lights, many programmed to play along with the holiday music. There were roaming performers in intricate costumes, dripping with sparkle. Holiday treats were abundantly available. The large outdoor fountain at the entrance had been transformed into an outdoor skating rink and the replica of the Eiffel Tower become an enormous Christmas tree, visible for miles around.

View from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower

We all simply loved the rides, glowing in a variety of Christmas patterns, and the shows were fantastic. But most important for us all was taking time out to make memories together with those we love. Hope you were able to share many special times with those that warm your heart too.

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