COM0014 – Blog #2: Digital Story Teller Tips

Being a good digital story teller is a very important skill to have in 2020. This week I’ve extended my knowledge on the topic from this course. There are a few key things which I learned that I think will be helpful for a lot of you guys reading this blog as well.

Get Their Attention

To me, the most important thing when sharing information is to keep it to the point. People have very short attention spans, so there is no way they’re going to read your long wordy paragraphs. 

Breaking up the points with pictures and subheadings is a good way to catch their attention and have them read more. It takes them from the inspectional phase to the analytical phase and overall gets your point across better.

Proper Structure

To further enhance your readers experience and the likelihood of them understanding your story, the inverted triangle approach is key. Start with the most important and concise points, then work your way towards the more detailed information and explanations.

Active vs Passive Voice

The other interesting thing I learned was the fact that an active voice is considered more interesting to readers than a passive one. I now know to pay attention to how I word things. For example, when I am talking about my recent snowboarding trip, I should say: “the snowstorm left the mountain covered in deep snow”, not: “the mountain was left covered in deep snow from the snowstorm”.

Did you learn anything new from this blog post? I’d love to hear other tips you guys have about digital storytelling in the comments below!

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