The Social Media In My Life

With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, contemporary people are increasingly inseparable from social media. People put social media into their lives, and social media also helps people at all times. I am a fresh graduate from China, so we can first talk about the social media that Chinese people cannot live without.

As long as China’s social media is mentioned, the first thing people think of is WeChat. In the early years, someone would use QQ. WeChat is the most indispensable social media for communication between people. There may be a variety of reasons why people cannot stay with their families every day, then they can stay in touch through WeChat, chat every day and even have video calls. After seeing funny videos, you can share interesting people and things with family and friends through WeChat. There is also a feature in WeChat called the Moments. Through the Moments, people can show everyone their feelings, show their status, and even share their own things. At the same time seeing others’ sharing, people can also like to forward and comment . All functions in WeChat are based on communication between people. Maybe when there is a quarrel between two good friends, saying something face to face may cause the two to be embarrassed. At this time, they can use WeChat to communicate, say their true ideas, and effective communication promotes the two relationship.


Next, let’s talk about the next social media, Weibo. Although the WeChat mentioned above can also publish articles, it is a relatively private type. People use WeChat mainly to chat and make phone calls. So what’s different about Weibo, which is also social media? People can use Weibo to publish articles, people can freely express their opinions, and even see the dynamics of some stars, which is more open. People can also get some news from Weibo. There is a term called Re Sou, which means that the topics on Re Sou are the freshest and most searched topics. For example, I am now in Canada, but a virus infection has occurred in China recently. My families and friends are in China. I am very worried. I need to know the domestic situation and how the government will help people to advance and retreat with the people. Then, at this time, I can open Weibo to keep track of the progress of the event.


Then the last popular social media that I want to talk about today, called Taobao, is an online shopping platform. There are various things on the platform, and the prices are favorable. Most of the courier services are delivered for free, and the delivery speed is very fast. Every year on November 11th, when all kinds of goods are discounted the most, people will buy quite a lot of things on that day. We refer to that day as Double Eleven, and there are some similar to foreign Black Friday and boxing day.

The above is a brief introduction to Chinese social media. In the next issue, I will write a report on foreign social media. Stay tuned, thank you.

4 thoughts on “The Social Media In My Life

  1. I enjoyed your blog post since I don’t know much about Chinese social media platforms. Thank you for introducing them to me.

  2. This was a timely and helpful read. I have spent 3+ months trying to sort out advertising on WeChat and Weibo for a an animal-related disease. Your blog gave me more Information about the uses of these three (I didn’t know there were three!) than I managed to gather on my own. Unfortunately, reporting (stats) is minimal on these platforms, and thus it is difficult to justify spending the funds. But: thank you!

  3. I did not know about those two social media platform. Thank you for enlightening me. I really hope that your family is safe.

  4. This was a great primer on social media platforms popular in your home country! All three were new to me. Thanks for sharing! Very interesting. My best to your family overseas!

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