The Impact of Social Media

We all have a social media account in some form. It’s almost foreign when someone mentions “I don’t have a Facebook account”. We don’t know what to do, or how to react. Especially when it has become a staple of sorts in society. Everyone uses it for something different; whether it be to stay connected with friends and loved ones, businesses, or to just see what someone is up to. Regardless, most of us would be lost without it. You find yourself stranded on a deserted island…what do you do!? Would you know how to start a fire without Pinterest or Youtube?

We’ve all gotten to a point where we’d rather message someone on social media then have a sit down conversation with them half the time. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I’m a hermit and the sun hurts my face, but there have been many times where I’ll try to talk to someone and the phone doesn’t leave their hand.

Police agencies use social media to find someone because we post our whole lives on Facebook or instagram. Why wouldn’t they use it? We’ve made it easy for them to find out everything they need to know, from where we are at that exact moment or what we had for dinner (guilty). A 2013 social media survey from the International Association of Chief’s of Police, found that 96% of agencies use social media, over 80% for criminal investigations in order to solve crimes, and 73% have said its helped improve community relations within their jurisdiction. Which brings me to another point; how much of what we post or see is the truth? Did Bobby actually get a cool new car, or did he find one and pose with it claiming its his. The truth is, we really don’t know!


Many people have asked “Is using social media bad for your mental health?”. We tend to vent whether it be about a relationship, poor customer service, or politics. So while scrolling through your feed, you’re seeing a steady stream of people being unhappy. But, are they looking for advice or just using it as an outlet?

But hey, its not all bad! There are several of advantages to social media. Sometimes it’s just easier to send someone a message on Facebook, or tweet or email than it is to call them. And I’ll admit it, I’m 100% one of those people who will have my phone in hand and not answer a call just for the simple reason; I don’t feel like talking! We’ve all been there.

I know personally, I’ve reconnected with people from my childhood or from an event I’ve attended all due to social media. I, like most people keep my phone number relatively private, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to catch up, or make plans if I’m in town! Sure, sometimes people can overshare but that’s up to the person posting! I’ll admit, I like a little gossip from time to time, but I don’t want to read about all your dirty laundry.

So with those tidbits of information, I guess you could ask yourself how social media impacts your own day to day.


2 thoughts on “The Impact of Social Media

  1. The first paragraph really caught my eye, we would rather shared in our happiness or complained our anger on Facebook’s friends than our parents who’s sitting next to us.I can’t even remember last time I had a heart-to-heart talk with my mom.
    YES, social media makes us connect to each other easier, but don’t forget that there’s always somebody we should really care about.

  2. Sarah, I loved your blog. And you are totally right. My friends and I will do the same thing where we are all sitting together and one of them will be on there phone when the other is trying to have a conversation with the other. Social media does have a good impact, like you said it helps police officer solve crimes. And you are right about not knowing what’s real on social media, anyone could just take a picture from the internet and post it on their social and pretend that it happened in real life. I do the exact same thing where I’ll have my phone with me and if someones calling but I don’t feel like talking, I just won’t answer.

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