COM0015 – Blog post #1: Are you listening?

Image by Carl Heyerdahl from Unsplash

Social media listening has become a key component of audience research in today’s society. It provides valuable insight into what your customers think about your brand and what they are saying about your competitors. There are many tools available to help accomplish the large task of monitoring social media, however my preference is Google Alerts and Hootsuite.

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Why you ask? Well, currently I am not the best at utilizing all the functionalities social media listening and monitoring tools have to offer as I find many of them difficult to use. Therefore, I often turn to Google Alerts and Hootsuite due to their ease of usability. Both tools gather information in one spot that helps me stay organized and keeps me from missing key elements.

Image by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

While I do not use these tools in my office job (there’s a specific team hired to do just that) I have used them to aid with some side personal projects. In these cases, I used social media listening tools to follow news on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the platforms where I was promoting my business and where my consumers were. I found that the tools helped me pinpoint where my audience was the most active and how to engage with them in a more meaningful way.

Have you used social media listening tools? If not, I highly recommend looking into them. You’d be surprised how much they help identify opportunities to engage in conversations about your brand.

If you have, what tools do you gravitate to?

3 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog post #1: Are you listening?

  1. Great post Kate! I didn’t know you could use Hootsuite to gather information. I only ever used it to schedule twitter posts. I have used Google Alerts and they make a huge difference!

  2. Kate, your post provides me a lot of new insight of how to utilize social media to promote ones business. Personally, I have never really used Google Alerts and Hootsuite. After reading about your experience on the two tools, I will definitely start to use these in my daily working,

  3. I agree, Kate, about the preference for Google Alerts and other built in apps. I’ve grown up with gmail accounts and have pretty much only been taught Google apps. I use the docs app on a mostly daily basis for notes and personal lists. I use Google apps for personal, volunteer and work use. I’ve never heard of Hootsuite though I’ll have to check that out. Great post!

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