3 Social Media Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Brand’s Feed Interesting

One of the hardest things about running a brand’s social media platforms is coming up with engaging and original content. You are expected to produce quality subject matter for your audience, but it is difficult to come up with new ideas (eventually people are going to notice that you’ve shared the same meme 3 times on Facebook).

Luckily for you, I’m here to help you out! Here are 3 social media marketing ideas to keep your brand’s feed interesting:


1. Host a Giveaway

People can’t resist free! In my personal experience, giveaways are a great way to not only engage your current audience, but also grow your audience. In a study done by Tailwind for Instagram, they found that accounts that hold giveaways on social media can grow their followers 70% faster than accounts without. And yes, planning a giveaway takes time but it’s really not a complicated process! All you really need is:

  1. A relevant item to giveaway to your audience. Is your brand known for making gift baskets? Then your giveaway should consist of a homemade gift basket! Always try to keep your giveaway item relevant to your brand.
  2. Rules. Having rules not only makes it easier to track who is correctly entering your giveaway, but it also makes your giveaway more legitimate (there’s a lot of scammers on the internet).
  3. A way to enter. Don’t choose too many ways to enter your giveaway, as people will lose interest if it is too complicated. I usually do 3: you have to like our page, tag a friend in the comments, and share. Remember, the goal is getting your brand out there and noticed; the more engagement, the better.

In 2019 I suggested to a family friend that she host a giveaway on Facebook in order to market her brand’s Christmas Open House. The post alone had a 3,300+ organic reach on Facebook, with 472 post clicks and over 100 likes gained on her page (for a small business in the middle of nowhere, these are big numbers). The best part was the large number of people at her open house who told her they found out about her page and event through the giveaway! This really works! Give it a try next time you want to do a social media campaign, whether it’s for a new product launch or event.

NOTE: Even though giveaways are a great marketing strategy, they should be used occasionally. Keep in mind, we want to keep our brand’s feed fresh and interesting and not posting the same thing week after week.


2. Keep Your Feed Consistent

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 7.29.14 PM

Image from Pixabay

Continuing on with my story about the Christmas Open House, my family friend (let’s call her Sara) asked me why people weren’t seeing her posts she was making on the Facebook page. After taking a look at her brand’s Facebook page, I told Sara:

  • Your audience is not seeing your posts on your brand’s feed because they are not interacting with the brand,
  • Your audience is not interacting with the brand because you are not consistent on posting on your brand’s feed.

Consistence is key when it comes to social media marketing. Since there is so much content on people’s newsfeeds, social media platforms (specifically Facebook) are all about showing users relevant content; the more a user interacts with a brand, the more they will see them on their newsfeed because Facebook sees them as relevant. Posting consistently also helps you develop trust, credibility and helps to not confuse your customers (Simpson)

Sara thought that posting on her brand’s Facebook page once or twice a month for a few months and then posting randomly 4 times in one week was fine, but it isn’t. There’s no consistency here, and those months that go by where she is barely posting is not only causing her to lose visibility on Facebook, it is also significantly decreasing her chances of gaining new members of her audience because her page seems out of date.

It is important for your brand that you commit to a schedule when it comes to posting on social media. Now here you will have to do a little research of your own, because there really doesn’t seem to be an optimal time to post on social media that works for everyone; some articles say to post during peak hours where the most people will be online, while others say the perfect post should be sent at non-peak hours. So, pay attention to your engagement with your audience; utilize things like Facebook Insights or Google Analytics to find out what days and times your content performs best and utilize these numbers to help you create a content calendar to keep you on schedule.


3. Create a Series


Every Sunday for the last 2 years, I have posted a #SunsetSunday photo on my family’s business’ social media accounts (my family owns a small resort in Northern Ontario). It is a series that I started because a) a majority of my photos from the resort are of sunsets (I mean I have hundreds upon hundreds of sunset photos), and b) it was a way to keep my posting consistent without having to overthink and struggle with what to post. Now I know what you’re thinking: aren’t we supposed to be coming up with new content ideas? And I am not going against what I said before, new and relevant content is needed. However, I have found that starting a series on your feed really has a lot of benefits, as it’s something for your audience to look forward to and it keeps your scheduling of posts consistent. The subject matter is up to you: choose something that is relevant to your brand, and easy for you to have access to many photos of. Looking online at different daily hashtags, such as #sunsetsunday, #wellnesswednesday, even #throwbackthursday counts!

A neighbour who works outside of the province once told my dad that he enjoys our sunset Sunday posts because every Sunday he gets a little taste of home. Now that’s what I call positive feedback!


Of course these are not the only social media marketing strategies out there, and with a simple internet search you can find many more social media marketing ideas to try out. These 3 ideas are all based on what has worked in my personal experiences with managing a small brand’s social media accounts, and I highly suggest you give them a try. Whether you have a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter or all of the above, these tips will work great keep your brand’s social media feed from growing stale.


Have you tried any of these strategies before? Do you have another marketing strategy that worked for your brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “3 Social Media Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Brand’s Feed Interesting

  1. I love your post. I agree that occasional giveaways are great to get good organic reach, especially on Facebook. I also really like your idea with the #SunsetSunday. All great ideas to get the followers involved.
    I really enjoyed reading your blog, it is well written. I look forward to your next one!

  2. This is a great post! Giveaways are very common nowadays to spread recognition of new businesses, I am guilty of participating in a few myself. It’s fun because it is like a raffle and you have the opportunity of winning cool prizes or even a nice free dinner! I love how fun and interesting you wrote the post, it kept me captivated.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I am also guilty of participating in online giveaways, although I don’t do too many at one time because I find the constant sharing of the posts a little annoying.

  3. Nicely put together. I’ve seen these tips before, but I like how you’ve related it to your experiences and given us specific examples. It lets us see your personality, and also the practicality of the tips. That consistency one is so true, you think it wouldn’t matter like you said, but if I’m not consistent I instantly see negative feedback.
    Thanks for this!

  4. Great post, it really has me thinking about what I post for my work. I like to keep things lighthearted and fun. Your sunset series idea is fantastic and one I am going to keep in mind.

  5. Thank you for the great content! I am very interested in Branding so this was very applicable. I agree that consistency is key. Times when I have been less consistent, my page has suffered. I love the idea of the #sundaysunsets which would make your followers feel very included in your weekly ritual. Also, a great idea to have something that is consistent that you don’t need to create a lot of content for, as it can get tricky to come up with ideas when you are posting a few times a day! Thank you for such great ideas, I look forward to applying these to my posts.

  6. This was a very interesting read. I have never tried any of these tactics, but will try to keep them in mind as I move forward in this course.

  7. Very great post. Easy to read, very practical to follow, and interesting. The giveaway section if very informative. Tried this previously, but it didn’t go well. Following these steps will help a great deal. Thanks!

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