Why Your Organization Needs a Professional Translator

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As a professional translator, I can attest that most companies that wish to become global or international should absolutely acquire the services of a professional translator.  Most industries benefit from relying on the services of a professional translator.  Many sectors such as information technologies (IT), legal, political, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, finance, accounting, scientific research, analysis as well as manufacturing benefit greatly from being able to do business in many different languages allowing for expansion opportunities.

Many industries are not taking translation seriously and underestimate the role of the translator.  These same industries are often the ones that are using translation software and apps to translate their content, correspondence, websites and so on.  These industries do not realize the impact a bad or wrong translation can have on their performance, image and most importantly, their credibility.

The choice of a professional translator is important.  The most important skill that a translator should have is certainly the will to understand and to research the content that needs to be translated.  Also, the target language must be familiar, most specifically the targeted region where the translation will be used, which is often referred to as localization.  Because someone is bilingual and has worked many years in the same field does not necessarily mean this person qualifies as a professional translator who is specialized in one specific field. 

Just like an investigator, a translator must, most of all, be a very good researcher to ensure the translation reflects the essence and the tone and not only the words of the message.  Having complementary skills and experience such as administrator, project manager, different studies and working experiences in bilingual environments will ensure the translation project will be uniform from start to finish.  Each translator has its own preferred expressions and writing style.

A business owner once told me he preferred hiring people with English as a second language because their written English was impeccable since they had to learn it, while anglophones were taking the language for granted.  He, himself, was Polish and English was his second language.

We should all know by now that getting a translation from the Internet, a translation software or an app or to hire bilingual employees to help the organization with their translation needs are not appropriate, adequate or professional solutions.  Now that communication is at its peak through so many social media platforms, why not require the services of a professional translator.  Will you?           


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