COM0015 – Tools & Sources

My two favorite social media listening/monitoring tools are Google Analytics and Google Alerts. Both are extremely handy tools that aid in keeping on track in the day to day stats and information. Using Google Analytics can helps not only track your blog or website sessions, but also helps thoroughly explain the finer details such as, page sessions, favourite pages, and audience insight. Using Google Alerts alleviate the stress in having to search for news or content that is of interest to you. The alerts pop-up and inform the user that content that is of their interest is now live on a certain site. This helps websites receive traction, while also making your life easier. 

Image source

I have three news/update sources that are my favourite. I like using the CBC news app to keep up to date with the news. The app is extremely easy to navigate, all while being visually appealing. 

The other two sources are actually monitored using the Snapchat app. On snapchat, you are able to “follow” certain pages, and in this case it is CNN and the Daily Mail. While I personally don’t trust in the reporting styles, I do find both produce appealing need-to-know stories that draw you in. In this case, they chose roughly 10 stories in a row that you are able to flip through. They show an image with a header and line from the story, which draw the reader in. This layout is appealing and the stories are a quick 3 minute read. 

Image source

I find that the differences in using the app versus using snapchat page really depend on the length of time I have to review the news. One is more of an active search, while the other gives you the essential news.

One thought on “COM0015 – Tools & Sources

  1. Thanks for your post Caroline.

    Google Analytics and Google Alerts are so convenient to use. Alerts saves you so much time when you’re researching a particular subject. I also use Hootsuite as a social media management platform, which allows you to post on several apps simultaneously. Have you tried it before? The cool aspect of Hootsuite is that it also conducts analytics of all the applications you’re using, saving you additional time and effort.

    Thats great that you’ve found news sources that you’re content with. The CBC still seems to lag behind other networks in my opinion, but they do provide up-to-the-minute news coverage. I don’t use social media tools like Snapchat as a news reference. The dwindling popularity of cable news due to other alternatives on the Internet is making traditional news networks like CNN create clickable headlines, instead of more important stories. Unfortunately, this has become the norm for a lot of news agencies. So I share your sentiment in not trusting such reporting styles.

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