COM0014 – Blog #1: Recent Vacation

My most recent vacation was in Quebec at Mont Tremblant Ski Resort. I went recently this winter for 3 days and stayed in a suite right at the base of the mountain. 

The weather was intense. Everything from the drive there, to walking around the village, to snowboarding down the mountain was much crazier with the massive dumping of snow that just happened. I found myself waist deep in snow several times over those few days. Also with some mild frostbite from the -30 temperatures.

Even though it was freezing, the gondolas helped a lot with that. Instead of a normal chairlift, Tremblant has enclosed gondolas to take you up to the peak of the mountain which eliminates wind and the helps to combat the cold while heading up the mountain. With a mountain this big it takes a while to get up, so the gondolas really come in handy. At some spots of the mountain, it even takes multiple different chairlifts to get all the way up due to Tremblant’s height.

Riding down from the top can take over half an hour with some runs, which is insane compared to the local hills near Toronto. There are so many different runs that it takes multiple days to find them all. On top of that, the difficulty, quality and views from the runs are far greater than anything near the GTA, which results in a whole different experience.

After a day of snowboarding, by around 4pm, my legs were completely dead. Luckily there are tons of stores, activities and great food spots in the village. So for the remainder the day, I spent it checking all of it out. Of course, I made sure to stop by all the bars at least once.

Later at night, I went back to our suite and got some sleep to be up early the next day to do it all over again. While some might think of a vacation as sitting on a beach, I’m happy riding down a snow covered mountain. It’s definitely somewhere where I’ll be back at again.

Is this somewhere you’d love to go?

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