Professional Networking

This last year I admit I put things like networking on the back burner and let myself get consumed by other things in my life. I made the choice this fall that it was time to start taking my future and the kind of career life I want more seriously, thus resulting in signing up for my final course to finish the program. Over the next 6-12 months, networking and career advancement at the for front of my priorities. I have registered for every upcoming webinar Hootsuite has posted so far and have tried to be more active on LinkedIn. Reaching out to potential mentors, even being more active in my current job, meeting employees in other departments and building relationships with them. All of this is helping me build my personal brand both online and offline.

Building those relationships with the people I work with is really important, being able to learn what each department does and their importance. It allows me learn more and show others what I can bring to the table. This way when I am ready to branch out and go for a promotion every one will be able to put a face to the name and hopefully give me a bit of an advantage having been able to talk with potential future managers.

shutterstock_738913864I have begun attending the Hootsuite webinars again. I attended a lot of them last year when I first started to use the program. They are not only jam packed with incredibly useful information but a great way to connect with people all over the world doing what you are doing.

With this year coming to an end (does anyone else feel like they just blinked and this year was over?), I made a promise to myself that my career development would start to come first and it’s a promise I don’t intend to break.

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