Networking Events

Hootsuite Webinar #1Since I started working in social media and marketing one of my favourite events to attend are the Hootsuite Webinars. They host them all year around (about one every month) on various social media topics, from currents trends to how to get the most out of each platform to even how to get the most out of Hootsuite itself. The events are open to anyone who is currently registered for their products, the day of the even you get an email with a personalized link for you to use to attend the event. I like the fact that you must have the personal link and it’s not just something anyone can attend because

  1. You know everyone there is doing what are doing and gives you an opportunity to not only learn from the presenters but from peers around the world
  2. It cuts down on the ability for “trolls” to clog up the chats.

Hootsuite Webinar #2I like these sorts of events because you are connecting with people all over the world and while everyone is doing some from of social media marketing it is all happening in different ways. There were marketing agencies in attendance but also people who are photographers, real estate agents, just about anyone you can think of that owns their own business. We are all at different points in our careers, but we all got to learn so much. This particular webinar focused on the up coming trends for social media in 2020. It gave us all a great chance to plan for our up coming year.

Leaving this event, I got to walk away with a great plan on how I am going to conquer this next year. Being able to talk a peak at what is to come with Hootsuite in 2020 I am excited to see everything this new year has to offer and move forward within my career.

I have currently signed up for some up coming Hootsuite webinars, I always learn so much. I am not just limiting myself to the webinars though, I have been looking into what other types of networking and social media events are happening around me.

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