COM0014 Blog # 7 – Personal Reflection

Communicating in a Digital World

This course taught me that communication styles and content has huge implications in this great big digital world we live in. Certainly digital content and digital storytelling is important but more so is what you write and how you write it. Just like when someone look at you straight in the eyes while you are telling your story, they will see the same things when they read your content. Great digital content is like a greast story. It should have meaning and information that is genuine and adapted to the readers (audiences).

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Stories rock!

Stories are the foundation of any content whether it’s web content, blogs, social media, or op-eds. The content you choose to curate should be aligned and guided by the story you want to tell to your #peeps. Pulling on their emotional strings won’t hurt, it can only help reach your full potential in telling your story in a communication style that is adapted to what your readers want. It shouldn’t be about what you need and want, it should be about what value you bring to your readers. Poviding your point of view is great but questions need to be included to keep the readers’ attention and answers provided with your content. Personalizing the story to your audience is key and providing some emotional content in order to bring serious issues alive and connect your audiences to the story. But don’t go crazy on the content, find the right balance by not overloading the audiences.

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Leaving a mark

The kinds of stories I want to tell are those which can teach others valuable lessons with an eductional component to them. I want to tell stories that influence people to be more positive and generous, and most of all to be mindfull and healthy. A story can be told for entertainment purposes and also educational purposes. If I can do both at the same time, I will be happy to have contributed to this beautiful digital world we live in.

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