COM0015 – Blog #4: Out of the Box

Companies withdrawing from social media, video pitching and ephemeral stories are three aspects of marketing and social media that surprised me.

  1. Withdrawing

pixabay connection-lost-3498366_960_720

Image: Pixabay Free Stock

For all the access that social media and online marketing provides, they also expose to backlashes that can be even greater.

So I feel there is a growing awareness of “reserve” that is surprising to me given the potential that social media offers at an affordable cost.

On that front, Apple is a particularly telling example of a deliberate “shyness” on social media, which does not seem to weigh on the depth and breadth of the brand, judging by the lineups of people waiting for the next iPhone version for hours at a time to be the first ones to own it.

Going to the extreme, some brands like Lush simply gave up on social media.

  1. Video Pitching

Video is really touching every aspect of social media.

But where it surprises me the most is in media relations, with some PR specialist recommending pitching journalists by video.

As a former reporter, I have been pitched by a large variety of organizations. But never by video. I don’t think it is a convenient way because it requires the reporter to either open an app or go to YouTube or a website, not knowing whether there is a possibility of a security breach.

A basic email, on the other hand, creates less resistance in my view: it is convenient and doesn’t require to open anything but the email without clicking on a link.

  1. Stories

pixabay ephemeral

Image: Pixabay Free Stock

Finally, while social media content already tends to be short-term oriented in my view, the rise of ephemeral  “stories” only accessible for 24 hours on Instagram or Facebook is very surprising to me.

It particularly surprises me coming from the younger generations since I thought the self-centered aspect of teens would drive them to want to be seen forever. Yet they like the “temporary” aspect of stories.

And experts seem to predict it will continue to develop, with marketers embracing stories ads.

What surprises you the most in social media and digital marketing?

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