COM0014-Blog #7: Personal Reflection on Digital Communication

Communication has come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell.  Nowadays, digital communication is used not only to communicate, but for a multitude of applications.  Learning about social media listening was an eye-opener as it is the base of any successful marketing campaign made for social media platforms.

The storytelling aspect of digital communications was also, in a sense, a revelation.  To be good at writing and describing products and services is essential, but to be a good storyteller is crucial.  It is true that the engagement level is dictated, not necessarily by the story itself, but by the way the story is being told.

The element of diversity among different audiences involving the adaptation of a specific communication style was surprising to me.  I was under the impression that only social platforms used to display the conveyed messages were what mattered the most to the targeted audience.  Learning about the different audiences based on age, culture and gender has helped me to understand the terms segmentation and generational marketing.

The discussion about personal and corporate branding was very interesting as it did bring a different take on the subject.  Exchanging opinions and ideas about these two kinds of branding were engaging as well as beneficial.

In conclusion, I have discovered that no matter what you sell, make or build, if you keep in mind the principles that have been learned during the Digital Communication course, you will be able to write a story that will assure that your marketing campaign will be a very successful one! 

On that note, I must go, I have some stories to tell!

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