Professional Network – now and in the future

Developing a professional network has been something that I haven’t really dedicated a lot of time to, preferring to primarily use LinkedIn on a passive basis. I add colleagues from work and networking events, I update when I change jobs or achieve personal accreditation, but I do not use the platform to its full potential. That is one activity that I can definitely do more work on in the near future.

Additionally, I don’t use other social media as a way to develop my personal network as much as I could. I am typically a pretty passive social media user – preferring to “like” other posts and content but not developing my own. By developing a stronger online presence, I can do a better job of outlining a personal narrative that others might find compelling.

In person, it’s a bit more difficult as I live outside the city. But even within my work environment, I could do more social activities as there are a number of networking events hosted by the company I work for – I could even join some of those networking committees. I’m relatively new in my role, so once I develop a stronger understanding of my current responsibilities, I will be in a better position to volunteer my time to some of these initiatives.

I’m a bit of an introvert, in the real world and online, so the biggest thing I will have to do is push myself further!

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