Social Media: Past, Present, and Future!!

Living in the early stage before there was a thing even called social media. Life wouldn’t be the way it is today. Social Media has a major effect on our daily life and routine. The future is only filled with endless possibilities, as technology is really shaping the way we use social media.


In the stone age, well I am not going that far in the past, let’s say the early 80s-90s. In those years, computers were just being invented, mobile phones, people taking photos with their Polaroid camera. Taking pictures with the disposable camera and waiting for days to see what it looks like was challenging. Life was crazy back then. Even my earliest childhood memory, we did the simplest thing as hangout with our friends after-school or go to the mall on the weekend. School- wow writing secretive notes with our pencil and passing it around to our friends in class was a thing. People were much more active physically and had more time to do the easiest thing as reading a book or watching TV. Businesses- wow marketing was a whole different outlook. Promoting your brand using the resources back then was so different.

TV commercial


Word of mouth


Just think how life was so much different before there was a thing called social media.


Social Media was created in the early 2000s as I was in College. From that time until now, social media has taken a big effect on our life for the better. Personal and on a professional level. A young man named Mark Zuckenberg didn’t know back then when studying at Havard that what he has created, was a life-changing thing for billions of people worldwide. He has created a social media platform called Facebook, to help people connect with their friends, family, or colleague. Since Facebook has been created, there have been numerous developments of all the social media platforms that people use daily. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. All these social media outlets help promote and generate businesses today. Marketers, us the platforms to help increase sales and drive traffic.

How people use social media today?

  • To connect with friends, family, an old colleague
  • Promote your brand by using the technology featured on your social media app
  • Texting or video calling


Dreaming of social media and how it will change our future?

With all the advanced technology being used on the social media platform, it will be changing for the better in the future. Businesses will rapidly grow as sales will be increased, driving traffic to the business, share – photos and live videos, blogging, people will connect more, etc.

In conclusion, with or without social media, life would be unknown as we wouldn’t know how social media would change our lives for the better. We are social media!!!

Facebook: Social Media and the story of the past, present and future.

Twitter: Social Media: Past, Present and Future. #pastpresentfuture

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