COM0014 – Blog #6 : Traveling shaped me…

I believe there are a few pivotal moments in your life that can truly shape who you are. But no one talks about the little moments that are your foundation. This could mean getting a pep talk from a teacher, or revealing a secret to your parents, or being so proud of your small achievements. Some of the moments from my childhood that shaped me usually involved travel. If you’ve traveled when you were young, you understand the feeling of being completely vulnerable. New surroundings and people can do that to you.

My father traveled a lot when he worked, and he found a company that offered an incentive to include your family on your travel. This means we spent a couple of summers in different countries and traveling in between. We met so many people, travelled all around the world, all the while never really settling in one spot. When you’re a kid you don’t appreciate it, but now as I am an working adult, I am so thankful. Traveling when I was younger meant I became worldly, open-minded, confident and was able to meet the greatest people!

Although not feasible, I believe everyone should get a taste of traveling. I think people would be happier and more welcoming to different cultures and backgrounds. One thing my dad has always said is “the world is getting smaller everyday”, meaning traveling is more accessible now than ever.

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