Liver and Onions

Years and year ago there was a saying; “If we all like the same thing, we’d be eating liver and onions”. For some this sounds like a perfectly acceptable idea and for others… myself included… not so much. We want variety and selection and the option of not eating something we don’t like…

Social Media is a lot like that. Don’t like what Person A is saying, you can tune in to Person B and hear what you want. For a lot of things that’s okay. I’m a photographer who enjoys a particular brand. I like to keep myself up-to-date on that brand and don’t particularly care what the other brand is doing. Same can be said about sports teams, movies, and so on.

The problem with this mentality, however, is that you can insulate yourself from new ideas. For example, I was listening to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast this evening and host was talking about a different camera format (one that I wasn’t particularly interested in) but has now sparked my interest. Breaking out of my safe little camera world means I can look forward to new opportunities.

So far, so good. Having places in Social Media that interest you is fine. Filtering the content you consume to what you are interested in is fine to, just don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons some.

Unfortunately many don’t.

I’m talking about sports teams, or music groups, or camera brands. I’m talking about things that matter. Things like politics. And be forewarned… a lot of things are politics.

I’m not going to jump into the world of Left vs. Right or Pro-whatever vs. Anti-whatever or I-believe-this vs. You-don’t-believe-in-that because frankly it doesn’t matter. This is a blog post being written for a college on-line credit. The odds this amounting to very much is very slim.

But I challenge you. Yes you! Step out of your safe little Echo Chamber where you only hear what you want to hear and seek out the other!

A visual representation of an Echo Chamber.  The caricature is saying and hearing the phrase "you're right".
Don’t be this guy.
Echo chambers are resistant to voices from outside. Beth Kuchera/Shutterstock

Think that Canadians should be allowed to own firearms? Go and talk with someone who’s lost a loved one to gun violence. Think that guns have no place in society? Go and speak with a hunter who’s family’s survival may depend on a successful harvest. Are you a hard line right-wing type? Tune into some liberal content. Are you a lefty? Listen to some ultra-conservative talk radio. Expose yourself to the other.

Not prefect… but it’s a start.

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND ASK HONEST QUESTIONS. I don’t expect you to agree, but I do expect you to be respectful… Or as my parents said on more than one occasion: You don’t have to like your Liver and Onions, but you do need to try it.

Facebook: Liver and Onions: A plea to find differing opinion.

Twitter: Liver and Onions and differing opinion

2 thoughts on “Liver and Onions

  1. Great read! I really enjoy your point of view and have during this course. I think your suggestion or plea to try ‘liver and onions’ is applicable to the current political or should I say, ultra partisan behaviour on the Hill nowadays. If only folks would stop, step back from their usual position, listen to their colleagues on the opposite side of the floor, and actually come together, regardless of party stripe beliefs, to collaborate on solutions for the betterment of the country. This could be done on issues such as gun violence or climate change. By the way, great infographic of the echo chamber dude 🙂

  2. Wow! Great heading. It made me click on your blog that is for sure.

    YES! We want options. I like your attitude. You do not worry about what another brand is doing, worry about your own.

    We are scared to break out of our safe zone I think. I afraid to start my own firm but it is something I always wanted to do. When we are afraid we need to take the plunge.

    Good things will happen.

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