Does social media influence your purchase decision?

Businesses today are advertising their brand products using all the social media platforms to attract their target audience. Promoting new products and attracting customer needs. Business owners need to understand customer psychological behavior and put themselves in their shoes. You want to promote and sell your product; how will you influence your customer to buy your product?

With the technology tools used nowadays from posting, sharing photos, live videos and much more, it’s the best way to market your product brand. The important rule when marketing your brand via social media, you need to explain why your product is the best if you would like to influence your customer to buy your product. The product brand must stand out and tell a story behind it.

A survey found in Komarketing shows that 58% of the customers were influenced by their purchase decision using social media.

How does social media influence your purchase decision?

  • Photo of the product is shared and people will provide positive or negative feedback
  • Follow on Instagram – brand of your choice (MAC Cosmetics, Nike, etc.,)
  • Product has been re-posted – video, photos, blogging (Twitter- Retweet)
  • Meets your expectation needs

From my own experience, I follow my favorite brand, MAC Cosmetics which I am completely obsessed with. Every day or so there would be new and exciting products or promotions shared, and this has influenced my purchase decision. I was drawn to the products and ended up going to the store in person and purchasing my favorite brand. The way MAC Cosmetics portrayed their product, was how it was advertised. The way you advertise a product will affect the customer’s behavioral decision.

The question you need to ask yourself, will this work for you?

Facebook: Will social media impact your purchase decision?

Twitter: How will you persuade me to buy? #PurchaseDecision

4 thoughts on “Does social media influence your purchase decision?


    In my case, I use social media to ask questions. If I see someone I follow using Product X I’ll ask why. If I’m considering a purchase I’ll post questions to my various communities to get their input (saved about a thousand dollars on a useless piece of camera equipment).

    What doesn’t effect me, however, is the celebrity-endorsement. Great… Patrick Steward drinks Brand Y Earl Grey Tea, doesn’t mean I’m going to.

  2. I actually probably base all of my purchases on social media! I will never purchase an item without reading the reviews online first. It is so helpful for both merchandise and services to be able to see what real people think of a product! I heard that recently companies have started paying people to even write positive amazon reviews about their products, so I guess you can’t really trust anything!

    Celebrity endorsements can be hard to believe though, I try my best to steer clear of anything that seems questionable on that front.

  3. Social media plays a minimal role when it comes to my purchases. Living a mostly minimalist lifestyle, the question of “do I really need it” or “will it bring me joy” is always present and helps curb any influence a celebrity would have on my views about a product.

  4. Social media definitely influences my purchases. I’ve also found that it’s a great place to do research on products before you buy them. Typically you’d look at reviews on the company’s website or places like Amazon but I’m seeing more and more that online influencers are reviewing items and sharing their opinions on social media – even on products from companies who don’t pay them to review their products!

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