Gifting Thrift this Holiday Season

Gifting Thrift

            So, the holiday season is upon us once more. And we have make promises to ourselves that we would stick to our budget, buy local, while being environmentally conscious, and not over eat. I can help with the first three, but you are on your own for how many calories you consume!

            You need to seriously consider Gifting Thrift. How do you do this? Well, I have some great tips on that. Every city or small town will have a local non-profit thrift shop, where all the funds raised returns directly back into your community to support programs and services. Remember, that when you buy thrift from a non-profit you are keeping items out of the landfill, and the organizations do so much good with the money that is raised such as support for immigrants, those who live in poverty, youth programs and so many more causes.

  1. Go often

Go often. Try and make regular quick trips to your Thrift Shop of choice. New inventory is coming out all the time, and put onto the floor every hour. Best time to go is around 11 am.

  • Think Outside the Box

Think outside the box. Thrifting requires a bit of imagination and you must realize that items that are donated are usually one of kind. This is a great chance for you to find those unique pieces for those hard to find family or friends.

  • Plan Ahead

Plan ahead. It might take a few trips to the thrift store to find all the items you are looking for. Give yourself time to look on different days so you can find what you need

  • Be Flexible

Be flexible. Try not to go to the thrift store with a plan set in stone. You never know what you will or won’t find so be open to changing direction depending upon what you find in on that day

  • Check out Pinterest

Check out Pinterest for ideas on how to use thrift shop items. For example, wool sweaters can be felted and made into small change purse, pillows etc. and those gifts are handmade for pennies.

  • If you see it Buy it

If you see it, buy it, immediately. Unlike other retail stores, if you see an item you should buy it or put it into your cart as your walking around. If you do not want it when you get to the cash, then you can take it out. Otherwise if you try and go back for it I promise you it will be gone.

Unique Boutique at KMTS

Photo courtesy of Kildonan MCC Thrift Shop Winnipeg Manitoba

Need more reasons to Gift Thrift, check out GordonHouse. 7 reasons You Should Shop Thrift, highlights the benefits such as affordability, authentic retro fashion, that buying thrift cuts down the carbon footprint.

            Berkley University has a blog called GARB, a fashion blog that hosted a pop-up shop, selling second hand clothes. Surprisingly, this pop-up shop was so popular they are now hosting one every year. Berkley is considered a very environmentally-conscious community where more and more citizens are realizing the impact fast-fashion has on the environment.

            CBC did a great article on Thrifting and society’s changing attitudes. Once, it was thought that if you bought from a thrift store, you were poor, Now, there is a online company called ThredUp that sells second hand clothing online. Chris Homer, the co-founder has expanded his company into Canada and they have seen a 70 per cent growth year over year on their online platform.  

            So, this holiday season will you Gift Thrift?

Facebook: Gifting Thrift is not re-gifting

Instagram: Staying on Budget by Gifting Thrift # saving the environment one gift at a time.

4 thoughts on “Gifting Thrift this Holiday Season

  1. Great blog! I think one of the areas where thrift shops have a huge opportunity to expand, particularly during the holiday season, is book sales. I do not go to thrift shops too often, but when I do, I always spend a lot of time in the books section.

  2. Before I start travelling, the only reason I was going to thrift stores was for giving things I didn’t want anymore. When I was in Asia the best way to find English or French book was going to a used book store. At that time I realized that I should start buying second hand items more often. And now when we pass by a thrift shop we always go take a look. Buying second hand is such a good way to save money and reduce waste.

  3. I also read that CBC article on thrifting, it was really timely. I agree with you, that thrifting used to have a stigma attached to it, one that was connected to poverty. Not anymore! I go often to Value Village, and my son comes with me. I started buying Christmas gifts from local secondhand shops here in Ottawa a couple of years ago. Ties, books and other articles of clothing and jewelry. Such a great topic you have chosen to write about!! Also love your title Gifting Thrift – very creative!! My fave part about this, is that does reduce waste and the carbon footprint, of buying new.

  4. I love the idea of Gift Thrift. I honestly never really considered it but reducing waste aligns with my values and I like the idea of using my imagination to find that perfect gift.

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