COM0015 – Blog #3: Professional Networking Now and in the Future

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The purpose of my professional networking

My main professional goal is to emerge as a strategic communicator, leveraging my two decades of experience as a financial journalist and honing new skills around internal and external communications.

Given that I have mostly worked as a journalist and only switched to a communication role six months ago, I still need to learn a lot.

Part of my learning is through classes such as Algonquin College social media courses.

But a lot of my skills will develop through mentoring and learning on the job. To be able to do that, and more broadly to grow professionally, I will need to develop the right networks.

What I bring to the table

Having studied economics and finance, having worked as a market economist, an economics and financial journalist, a translator of investment books, I am bringing a strong knowledge in the fields of economics and finance, as well as editing.

I can also help communicators anticipate how journalists think, or help discuss linguistic-related issues in French, while sharing my international experience.

Online networking

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Reconnect by email

Among people I have known through my past experiences or as friends and fellow students, I have kept good relationships, although exchanges have been infrequent.

So over the next six to 12 months, I am planning to contact them by email to have direct insight into their jobs and how they do it, what their challenges are and how they overcome them. I know these contacts well enough to be relatively direct with the purpose of my reaching out.


I will also use LinkedIn to showcase some of the work I am currently doing as an external communications manager by sharing some of my company’s events, for instance.

I will also continue to post content related to economics and finance to show I remain engaged in these topics, while commenting on other people’s posts in a constructive way.

Most of my contacts are in the field of finance and journalism, and I will reach out to some of the closest ones for advice sharing.

I will also reach out to my current colleagues on LinkedIn to add them to my network and have a better chance at seeing information about potential events I could attend.

I will also join communications groups in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and contribute to online discussions.

In-person networking

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In addition to joining communications networks on LinkedIn, I will attend their events and meet other communicators in the region.

I am currently a member of the International Association of Business Communicators, which I am mostly using for courses and webinars at the moment. It is a great source of information for trends in the communication sector.

However, they also organize events that are a great opportunity to not only meet experienced communicators but communicators interested in the field of business. I believe there is great potential to meet people and learn about best practices through this group.

Meeting people at my new job as much as I can is also beneficial to learn about best practices for internal and external communication.

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I am also a member of InterNations Ottawa Networking Group and will more actively participate in their events to meet people from different countries, some of them working in areas that could be of interest, such as communications or finance.

Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn!

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog #3: Professional Networking Now and in the Future

  1. Hey Yali, Connecting with people through email is such a great idea. I believe it should be done and be very personal but don’t forget to bring something to the mix. I know for myself that if you write to me with a couple news about yourself I would be a lot more prone to responding since you took the time to say how you were doing. I would also start the dialogue by asking at least one question that would allow me to learn something and in the mean time invite them to follow my social networks/blogs.

    I think it makes a lot of sense to connect with the people you know first rather than trying to find some new ones. That doesn’t stop you from trying to reach out to their own network and invite them to introduce you to someone they know that would have similar interest.

    For myself, as a photographer I am starting to feel that companies won’t be hiring photographers that do ‘only’ photography anymore and adding social medias so my resume, I feel, make so much sense. Not only I can create content but I can understand what it will be doing and put together a strategy and create reports… Since I feed the beast, I could also manage it…

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