How does iPad affect the younger generation today?

With technology changing, more and more children are being expose to the new electronic device of iPad. Starting at the earliest age of being a toddler. Imagine coming home from a long day of work, and all you want to do is keep your child occupied, as you rest and take is easy. Whats the best way- letting your own child play with the iPad. The question you should be thinking, is this the best idea or not. Your  parenting skills has a major effect of  what your child will learn at an early age.


Between the ages of 2-5 years old, children are spending 2.2 hours exposed to the screen. Preschoolers spend 4.1-4.6 hours a day whereas the older generation of kids between the ages of 8-18 spends 7.5 hours a day. What has happened in this world? Using the iPad device has become a drug addiction for young minds. However, their mind is being washed away slowly as they spend more and more time hooked on the iPad.


  • Children can use the educational app on the device to learn new things
  • Improves cognitive and motor skills
  • Keeps the child busy while parents are doing their own thing


  • Children are not being physically active such as playing sports or riding their bike
  • Becoming addicted to the device
  • Develop an academic problem, not being able to perform well in school
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In conclusion, children need to learn how to balance their time when using the iPad device. As stated earlier- iPad can be very useful for children however it’s best to avoid the negative impact that it can have on a child.

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