7 thoughts on “Kill Inactive Accounts to Save Your Brand

  1. This is something I never thought about. Your article just reminds me that I have a LinkedIn account I haven’t used or even checked for years. Even if I can’t work anymore It could be used against me when I apply for House Sitting assignment of when I will volunteer in the future.

    • I am glad you found the blog useful. When it comes to LinkedIn, it is important to keep it updated. People do look at LinkedIn profiles a lot, although I strongly suspect that this varies by professional field.

  2. I don’t know if I completely agree with the Kill Inactive Accounts approach. My company hasn’t touched its Twitter in forever… like… let me check… April of 2018.

    For us, claiming the business-rated handles was very important. We haven’t closed ’em down because they still point to our website and provide at least in a small part, a presence, in that community.

    Finally, killing it off when mean someone else… the competition… could claim the account and leverage our name for their name.

  3. I do the exact same thing! A part of researching now goes beyond checking out a company’s website. When I see inactive accounts it’s embarrassing and I immediately think they are not invested their brand. This does affect how I sometimes proceed with my decisions, so I completely agree with you that companies need to remove dead accounts to ensure their brand remains intact.

  4. This article is very interesting it makes me thing about the accounts that I have never used for a long time and never was consistent. This shows that inactive accounts are useless and are not building their brand or creating an awareness to grow their business.

  5. I can’t say much since I don’t have a business ^^” but I do think I’d feel a bit cheated if I went on the wrong site, with no way of knowing it or if there was no updates. Even with gaming, for a personal example, if a game got an update, I’d immediately wanna check it out, otherwise, it might just sit on the sidelines for a long time. That’s why a game like Fortnite does so well, not because of it’s type of game, more because they introduce something new all the time and change things up constantly. However, they are cutting back, I wonder what will happen when it hits the public… nice post! Relateable in more ways than one ^^

  6. Wow, you had me hooked from the title of this blog post! Working at an agency with multiple clients, I can’t tell you the number of times clients have had multiple inactive accounts. This causes so much work on our end because we have to figure out who owns the account and how to close/deactivate the accounts not being used. When we begin working with clients, I always suggest having social media account info in one place so that everyone knows not to create additional accounts. I also agree that it can reflect badly on the brand!

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