Strong and Weak Organizations

Building a social media marketing strategy can be tough. Things change so fast that keeping up with trends and and platforms is a job in itself. Some companies are very successful at using marketing to their advantage and some it can be a total disaster.

function-of-beautyTwo companies I really like the marketing for it Function of Beauty and Sephora. Function of Beauty does all of the marketing through social media with an equal mix of self promotion and influencer ads. The videos are short and to the point and most importantly, hit a pain point that I feel a lot of people struggle with, shampoo that deal with all of your hair needs ( yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds). The influencers that I saw were chosen well, they varied between Zoella, Safiya Nygaard for a younger demographic and even some of the Real House Wives to hit a bit of an older demographic. They have videos that are self promoted that show case all the different ways you can customize your shampoo and everything they have to offer. I’m a sucker for a Facebook or Instagram ad, not all companies deliver what they promise but it was definitely a pleasant surprise to see how well their products actually worked for me.

Sephora_logo_2Sephora’s ads just always seem to know exactly what I want. They have seasonal promotion ads that always show me the exact products I am looking for. They mostly consist of still photos showing they’re products but that’s what I like about them. There is no fuss to their ads, no one telling you how great a product is or why you should buy it. It’s simply this is the product and they let it speak for itself.

Netflix_logoOne company I don’t like the marketing for it Netflix. I find the ads inconsistent, like they have no strategy at all. I can go from seeing one every day for a weeks to not seeing one for months. The ads are normally for an upcoming show but only if it is a show that has enough of a following that it is being talked about else where. I find of the amazing things about Netflix is all of their original shows and movies, they are some of the best I have seen. Without ads for them though most people don’t know they even exist. This leaves Netflix at a disadvantage because now consumers don’t get to see the amazing shows that are released weekly on the platform lowering it’s value in an industry that is rapidly becoming more and more competitive.

The marketing strategy you use can always determine how successful your company is. While it so far hasn’t changed Netflix’s success, it does provide a whole in the market for other companies to take advantage of.

One thought on “Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. Great read Lindsay! This is why social media is so amazing. People interpret things completely different sometimes. This is exactly what I try to teach my kids. I think that Netfix does an amazing job of marketing themselves on social media. They have multiple platforms which they are posting on daily. They are even engaging with their followers. Your blog was a great read….it just goes to show how different people have different views. Thanks

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