COM0015 Blog #2 πŸ’ͺ vs. πŸ‘Ž

The instructions say find 2 organizations that have a strong social media presence. That being said, I believe that the strongest presence is currently an individual brand, rather than a corporate one. It’s not a Kardashian, or a teenage pop star, it is our very own VanCityReynolds. 

Ryan Reynolds is the only celebrity I follow. Yes, in-part because he is Canadian, and sexy as hell, with the snarkiest sense of humour (just my type!), but also because his social media portrays a persona that seems genuine. From interviews to commercials, as with all “stars”, he promotes his movies, but in a manner that his personality has become his brand. His Twitter is as much parenting zingers as Deadpool.Β 

More recently he has transitioned from Hollywood elite to marketing entrepreneur, making him a case study worth paying attention to, carrying that forward into his new business ventures with Aviation Gin, and now MintMobile.Β 

Looking at his social media profiles, it is his businesses, not his movies that he lists and links to. While the page transparency of his Facebooks lists 6 in the US managing the page, it always sounds and feels authentically Ryan Reynolds. 

He has active social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With millions of followers on each platform, what do you think of his style? 

For a corporate organization, I select the Calgary Telus Convention Centre. While it utilizes its social media to promote itself as a special event venue in downtown Calgary, it also promotes its people, events, partners, and the City of Calgary. It uses it’s social media not just to sell its services, but to promote its value for planners and visitors. One of my favourite stories this year was about the urban honey bees they set up on one their balconies. 

They utilize a branded hashtag #atthecentre and have features such as #TeamTuesday to introduce staff. They have 9 IG Story tabs, and are active onΒ  LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. By active I don’t just mean they push posts, but rather they share stories of their community, respond to comments, and play an active role in their brand.Β 

On the flip side, a company that is lacking in its social media is Goodkey Show Services. Based out of Edmonton, they have a National Reach, but little to no social media. In their Google Search a LinkedIn profile comes up, but its last post was 1yr ago. Twitter and Instagram share their last post from April 1, while Facebook got a bonus post in June. Even the blog on their website has no 2019 posts.

I became aware of this lacking during an audit for Superior Show Service, a competing event services company I am contracted to handle social media for. As someone who does this for a similar company I see so many windows they have closed. They must be relying heavily on their existing clients because they certainly don’t seem worried about gaining the attention of potential future business.Β 

Would you let your social media lapse like this, or would delete the accounts rather than appear uninterested?

graphic via The Method Blog

2 thoughts on “COM0015 Blog #2 πŸ’ͺ vs. πŸ‘Ž

  1. And yet, he is just a dude. To me at least. Let me explain: Mr. Reynolds attended this year’s Canada Day on Parliament Hill where I was tasked as a photographer to cover my boss and the members of our organizations managing security. At some point, my boss calls my name and ask that I take a picture and of course, I get closer and take the shot.

    The next day, in the office I can hear a lot of (mostly feminine) voices commenting that Mr. Reynolds was there, and “OMG” etc. Intrigued, I show them the picture I took the day before and ask: is that this dude? Because of course, I have NO IDEA who he is…

    Fast forward an hour later and the picture is uploaded on my boss’s Twitter account and with Mr. Reynolds’s 15M follower our account literally explode with a very unusual 9.5M likes. On my picture. Of a dude I didn’t know until now.

    All that to say that his good reputation made my bosses more incline of tagging our organization to his account and took advantage of his followers to get a picture viral.

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