The Secret Fear of this Blogger- blog 2

I have to be honest: I have never been a very confident writer. True, I write for a living now, and I also journaled when I was younger, but those entries were incoherent ramblings of a naïve and troubled soul, not for the world to see and judge. My, how times have changed.

Social media blogging and posting are the new “journaling” of the 21stcentury. I recognize fully that blogging is not meant to be private – its sole purpose screams, “READ ME!” “COMMENT!” “LIKE ME!”, “FIND ME RELEVANT”. Rather than keeping things to ourselves, blogging and posting our innermost thoughts and experiences are what keeps people connected. Even my cousin, the most quiet and introverted person in my family, is the most prolific blogger I know. She is constantly blogging and on social media. She doesn’t talk much at family gatherings; if you want to know how she feels, follow her on Instagram, subscribe to her blog

I think my cousin is very courageous to blog about the things she is worried about, that she can be so candid in her writing. I would have problems being that open and publishing it for the world to read. For me, I have a secret fear, the same fear that Lesley J. Vos writes about in How To Deal With The Secret Fear Of Every Blogger( I fear that what I have to say is not worth sharing with others. It is that fear of comparing myself to other bloggers (even in this course) and believing that my writing would not convey anyhing useful or relevant, to even one person. 

I must admit that I had anxiety taking this course – what if nothing I wrote had any relevance or interest to others? That would be as some would say today, an “epic fail”!

So, what is the point of this blog? Well, this blog is an attempt to corral myself out of the basin of fear, and into the pool of possibility and positivity. In Lesley’s afore-mentioned blog, she mentions several points, and here are my main take aways:

  • Accept that blogging is a risk and move on. Everything we do on a daily basis is a risk, and blogging is just one other one. It’s a huge one, as it can be tied to your feelings, your business or values, but if you don’t take action, you will be stuck in the same place.
  • Ask for help – learn from mistakes. This is why I took this course, to learn from professionals on how to do better and how to succeed using social media. Making mistakes is one way of learning how to do better – as Roosevelt said, “the only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.”
  • Do what you fear.This is much easier said than done, but then again, if fear stops us from action, then we have already failed. So, why not just write, blog, post those thoughts, that information or content that you are passionate about, that you find interesting and helpful. Chances are, others will find it helpful and interesting too.

References: Lesley J. Vos, 2019, How To Deal With The Secret Fear Of Every Blogger 

2 thoughts on “The Secret Fear of this Blogger- blog 2

  1. An alternative title could have been “Things I wish someone told me a long while back”.

    I struggle to write. Like really-really struggle. I’ve written this comment about five or six times now. Putting words to paper (or screen I guess) has never been easy for me and in all likelihood, never well be.

    Thank you for sharing Vos’ blog… It looks like I’ve got some additional reading to do tomorrow.

  2. Really expressive blog. I have the same fear, afraid of how people will react to my writing. Taking risks will only help us for the better.

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