COM0015 Blog 2: Strong and Weak Organizations

Social media has gained a lot of popularity and many businesses have adapted it quickly. In order to be effective with social media, it is crucial that these accounts are managed properly. Now just reflect on yourself and see how many times you check your social media accounts? I won’t lie but I am on them often and as

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soon as I have downtime, whether waiting in a line at grocery store or waiting for someone, mindlessly scrolling for updates.  

From my own experience, when it comes to a company that is doing well managing social media is Air Canada. Air Canada has strong presence on all social media channels and through these channels of communication they can engage with the audience and build trust. They do update their social media accounts constant and remind their audience about special news, events and promotions. According to news article on Calgary Herald, “The mean response time for Air Canada and WestJet were nine minutes, one second, and 10 minutes, 47 seconds i.e. 95% of time, Air Canada manages to issue responses to its audience under an hour. With the use of messaging and social media skyrocketing, combining them with travel’s time-sensitivity is making efficient response even more crucial. Issues with travel are often in the moment; therefore, a response must be in real time in order to serve the fast-paced demands of the traveler.”  

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In order to build trust with your audience, it is imperative to response in real time and social media teams can provide both a seamless, yet fast service. Air Canada has social media team 24X7 available, which makes it easier for them to response to issues, compliments and complaints. 

On several occasions, I have been super impressed with response time of Air Canada where at times it has been faster to get hold of someone through social media account vs. being on hold over the phone for over 45 minutes. Once, I was at the Ottawa airport and was flying internationally on business class and the agent was not helpful and was not aware of perks of flying business class as that agent was relieving another agent while they were on break. However, I was frustrated that I had to tell her and due to frustration, I sent a Tweet to Air Canada. I got a response within three minutes, to which I was very impressed.  

When organizations are creating social media campaigns, it’s always advisable not to offend or crossing the line into being insensitive towards a wider audience. According to article on Globe and mail, in order to build trust with the audience and for a company who is doing well with social media, these are few things that organizations should do to excel in social media strategy:  

  • Listen well and often: In this era where there are ample tools available, it is easy for companies to monitor the conversations and respond in timely fashion.  
  • Reach out to individual: Whether it is a compliment or complaint, I believe a company should respond to every individual in a timely fashion.  
  • Provide regular updates: Company should provide regular updates to its audience and in case of a bigger issue an update with anticipated time-frame as when the issue will be resolved. No one likes to be in dark or play the waiting game.  
  • Keep the conversation going: It is important that every organization carries on the conversation. For example: If there was an issue, after the issue is resolved, the company should provide an update as to how the issue happened and what measures have been put into place so that it does not happen again. The audience will forgive the company and will trust that corrective actions have been taken as its best to be transparent with the audience.  

From my own experience and by following Air Canada’s all social media accounts, I think Air Canada is following all the above listed points and hence, they are doing well with their social media accounts.  

However, I believe that every organization is joining the band wagon of having presence on social media. Again, from my own personal experience, I believe that organizations that are not managing their social media account well are Milestones restaurant and Pier 1. Pier 1 store does not have a Canadian account as they manage one account for US and Canada. When I have tried to interact with them on social media, I have had no response and I un-followed them on social media. From the points, I have listed above neither of companies I mentioned are doing well with engaging with the audience.  



One thought on “COM0015 Blog 2: Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. Your article fully expresses the strength and weakness of the organization. Our point of view is the same most of the time.

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