COM0014-Blog #5: Personal Brand

I define personal brand as being your image, your reputation and your career.  It is composed of bits and pieces of your life; personal and corporate.  It is, in my opinion, the most vulnerable representation of yourself.  Why?  There is no place to hide.   

My personal branding statement is: Learn.  Grow.  Thrive.  My passion and enthusiasm are some key elements that allow me to stand out.  Well, I must confess that my sense of humor and my rhetoric have helped build my brand too!  I was very social before the arrival of social media, so I was not intimidated by it at all.

I am a perpetual learner.  My career path consists of many different specializations that are different but related to each other; translator, copywriter, blogger, marketing coordinator, customer and supplier relations, administration and management related positions.  The combination of all these studies, experiences and skills is what differentiates me from my competitors, and it allows me to be versatile and flexible.

I am the organizer, the problem solver, the thinker, the devil’s advocate on whom you can count on.  I am the one people come to for technology-related issues (and to know all my shortcuts!).  Because I am great at generating ideas and finding solutions to problems, fields including creativity, research and innovation are attractive to me.  New projects are a source of challenges and excitement.  I value teamwork and brainstorming sessions where people having a common goal can share ideas! 

LinkedIn is the social media platform that I mostly use and since it is linked to the corporate world, it allows me to connect with professionals and opens doors that otherwise would be inaccessible.  I make sure I comment and post often to ensure constant visibility.  I have been posting some of my blogs and have been listening to the received feedback.  I am learning to engage people and create a targeted audience which is not an easy task.  I am still very cautious as to what I choose to post online.  My motto is “Think twice, post once.” 


Gunnulfsen, Zu Anjalika Kamis.  (April 24th, 2018).  What is the difference between personal image and personal branding?  Retrieved from

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