The Dangers of “Doing it for the Gram”

According to Urban Dictionary, doing something “For the Gram” is when you do something for the sole purpose of seeking attention on social media. Is doing something for attention on social media a way to gain new unique experiences, or does it create a harmful precedent for people just trying to live their modest lives? 

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The Good

Doing it for the gram can allow people to share experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise share. Caitlin Fladager posted a photo of herself sharing the difference between what she looks like on her best day versus an average one. This inspired young users of Instagram that everything is not as it seems and an image might not capture the realities of a moment. 

On a more personal note, I have had a great time with my friends doing something just to post on social media. Like dancing for a TikTok or shining my phone’s flashlight to get the perfect lighting for an Instagram photo. In those cases, doing it for the gram can be a fun way to try new things or bond with your friends for entertainment. 

The Bad 

Outside applications like Facetune spark debate on social media about photoshopping your body to make yourself look perfect for attention online. Vox puts it best when they say that it is an endless pursuit for perfection. Once you make one post that changes your body to look unnatural, you have to consistently follow those regulations for your posts so people don’t realize that it is fake. 

There is a point to be made for the fact that models in magazines and advertisements are also photoshopped constantly, so what makes your influence on social media any different from that? I wonder if there is a place we can reach as a society where we are either completely natural or completely photoshopped to limit the judgment that people receive for choices they make regarding their outward image. 

The Ugly

When I think of the harm that Instagram causes, I usually go straight to body image issues and class-based judgment. Little did I know, there are real-life dangers to full sends on Instagram. Influencer Katarina Elle Zarutskie got bit by a live Shark while trying to pose for the perfect Instagram photo in a pool of sharks. She defended herself by saying “I’ve seen countless photos of people with them on Instagram”. This demonstrates a fairly apparent lack of judgment, just so that she could impress her peers on Instagram. 

Is doing it for the gram a way to express creativity, or does it create a toxic ideology of what your life should be like?

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4 thoughts on “The Dangers of “Doing it for the Gram”

  1. It can be easy to forget how Instagram can influence how we perceive ourselves. I think you bring up an important conversation about how something that seems innocent can have big repercussions. While it can be a way to express creativity, it is important that we remember that all of our actions have an impact and to make sure that those actions align with our moral values.

  2. I enjoyed your post as it give one pause to reflect on how those who need to have constant adoration and “follower”s must make one very lonely. I feel that it creates unreasonable pressure and expectations to “one up” the next post. I think it must affect a person’s mental health and ability to form healthy relationships.

  3. I really like the structure of the blog: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. These subheadings not only make it easy to read, they also build up anticipation.

  4. Damn… Alexander stole my comment (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly).

    I work with youth and often hear them talking about doing something for the sole purpose of getting likes or whatnots (or as I heard one kid say “Meaningless Internet Points that Mean A Lot to Me”). It always disheartening to see them do amazing things not because they are amazing, but because a stranger on the ‘Net might think it’s cool.

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