COM0014-Blog #4: B2C Case Study Shoppers Drug Mart

Do you know of a company that is targeting all their diversified audiences?  Well, Shoppers Drug Mart has succeeded in engaging with people of all ages and still does.  Founded in 1962 in Toronto, the drug retailer added mass merchandizing and self-service, both in a retail pharmacy format.  It has evolved into the Shoppers Drug Mart that we know now which offers varied products and services including cosmetics and fragrances.  In 2000, Shoppers was launching its Shoppers Optimum loyalty program which amassed more than six million members after only one year.  In 2014, the merging of Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws created the PC Optimum loyalty program.  And this program that has been successful all these years has helped create, in my opinion, one of the most engaging companies on social media.

Being the leading loyalty program in Canada has its advantages and the company is using them to engage people on many different social media platforms.  All members of the program who are engaging with Shoppers Drug Mart gain something: PC Optimum points.  Those precious points can be redeemed in any of the stores that are under the company’s banner.  The company, through their different products, services, contests, promotions and programs, is rewarding the members of its loyalty program with more points which means more “free stuff” for the customers.  Of course, expanding their number of memberships also means more sales and more sales translate into more profit!

From pharmaceutical products and services to long-term care facilities and online prescription renewals to beauty products and cosmetic trends revealed on sponsored blogs, Shoppers Drug Mart is very active on social media.  Aside from having a very functional and engaging website, Shoppers Drug Mart can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  And when you think the company could not reach more people and expand its diversified audience, Shoppers Drug Mart has found a new way to promote its products using the newest technology.  You can now try on hundreds of products virtually with the Virtual Try-On which will certainly be talked about on social media.  How engaging is that?     


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