Social Media and Social Selling of Second Hand Items #2

Second Hand Selling on Social Media

Selling thrift online is no longer a fad. Ecommerce has changed how consumers purchase second-hand items. You can now sell your used items on Facebook Marketplace, Instagram or Varage, to name a few social media platforms. People spend around 2 hours per day on social media, so therefore, as they are browsing online, ecommerce makes it much easier to purchase items.

Viewers on social media rely on the information posted to the selling sites to help them decide if the item they want to purchase is for them or to help them decide if they will keep that item for future purchases. Some studies have found that entrepreneurial business who practice social selling generally see $5 return for every $1 invested

Which Social Media platform is best for Selling

Like many varieties of apples, there are considerable number of social selling platforms in which you can sell your second -hand items. You as the seller, must decide which is best for you. Check which ones you already have accounts with, determine the demographics that you want target and research trends in used items.

Facebook is ahead of the pack for social selling.

In social selling platforms, Facebook is ahead of the curve. The one feature that Facebook offers is Product Cataloging. This feature allows the seller to link their inventory directly to their ecommerce accounts thus keeping the product current. Facebook allows the seller to create an ad that is interesting to consumers, target the demographic and boost the ad to move the product. 

Instagram is picking up speed

It has been reported that Instagram has now over 1 billion users and over 80% of them use the app to make purchases. Second hand merchandise is growing in demand; therefore, Instagram is becoming a preferred platform among Thrifters. Instagram uses Shoppable Posts, which allows the user to tap on the small shopping bag icon. This tells the buyer what the item is and the price, tap a second time if you like it and you can make purchase right there in the app.

If you are interested in second-hand social selling I would recommend that you test the waters starting with Facebook Marketplace. Just last week I sold 5 houseplants, thus making room for me to grow even more! What item do you have that you could sell right now?

Facebook: Is Social Selling for you?

Twitter: Can you #turnpenniesintodiamonds

11 thoughts on “Social Media and Social Selling of Second Hand Items #2

  1. Amazing blog! I am a big believer in reducing waste by reusing the items that are already in circulation. As a new home owner, I’ve recently bought a lot of second-hand gardening tools and piece of equipments on Facebook Marketplace. I also buy a lot of used books and board games on the Marketplace and Kijiji. I did not, however, know before reading your blog that I could purchase second-hand items on Instagram.

    As for the items I could sell right now, I think I am ready to part with some packing supplies, children’s books and an old bicycle.

  2. Last years when we made the decision to sell everything to start living as nomad we had 10 days to emptied our condo before the new renters arrived. We used marketplace and Kijiji. Before that, I was always selling my thing on Kijiji, but that time I was really surprised because 80% of the thing I sold was with Marketplace. Right now I don’t have anything to sell on Marketplace since the only thing I have is my backpack and what fits in it.

  3. I also agree this is a great blog, and a very informative one at that. I am very used to buying items on Etsy Marketplace, but I do believe it is really clever to leverage and combine social media and selling secondhand goods. It is remarkable the traction this phenomenon is getting. I have to say, I know friends who love selling things on Facebook. For me, I am more of an Instagrammer, so I have noticed all the accounts I follow, have Shoppable Posts now and it is so helpful indeed. It is totally this “one-stop shopping” idea in a way, when you spend time on FB or IG, you can also shop at the same time. This is also environmentally friendly – as they say at Value Village 🙂 Buying secondhand saves the environment and proactively contributes to decreasing the demand for worldwide textiles and manufacturing and subsequently, reduces waste as well. My favourite secondhand store in Ottawa, is a place called Highjinx, run by two former social workers. All the profits they make helps homeless people they know, and also is a place for them to drop in for a free meal. I will tell Highjinx that they can put shoppable posts on their merchandise in IG – it will be interesting to see if it helps in moving items to SOLD!
    As for items I can sell right now: clothes that don’t fit me anymore, and purses! Too many purses, in great condition!!

  4. This is so interesting. I actually prefer selling on Facebook as Kijiji wasn’t working or me as well as it used to. My stuff was on Kijiji for ever and after putting them on Facebook they sold within a week. Great post! I love being able to use the platforms to sell items instead of creating more waste by throwing what i no longer need in the garbage. Now I know that i can use IG also, fantastic!

  5. This is so interesting and something I would’ve never thought to write about! I use Facebook marketplace for everything, to buy a new formal dress, to sell an old winter jacket, to pick up a free shelf… literally everything.

    I’ve also seen emergence of a trend where people will go on one second hand social media platform, obtain something for free and then re-sell it on another one for profit.

    Looking forward to seeing how social media can help create a more sustainable future through thrifting!

  6. Great topic! I haven’t tried Facebook marketplace yet because of my own skepticisms, but reading this post makes me want to sell all of my old clothes I am no longer wearing anymore! Would you count websites such as Etsy, Ebay and Kijiji as a social media platform?

    • Yes I would consider those websites as social media platforms for selling online. We use all of those when we sell our gently used items.

  7. Lovely blog. It is very true about facebook and selling your items on there. I was just told the other day to post my decor items we made for my daughters first birthday on facebook market place. I am not too familiar with it. I usually shop from clicking on a post I liked on instagram where it takes me to a website or also the like to know it app. We all have to keep up with the times if we want to succeed.

  8. I love the idea of recycling, being a young adult I feel like it’s something everyone in my age group and below to have the biggest consideration with, but unfortunately, most people don’t care. Thrift shops have been a part of my childhood too, I used to love getting packs of used toys from there and that, it being online is just another good point to it. Thanks for posting the blog!

  9. This is very interesting selling products online are the key features of today as we know that in today’s life we care about buying online products but we need to be secure on what we are buying and if their is any reviews of those products that we are buying the most. Its all about strategy and gaining peoples perspective and bringing customers or clients.

  10. I really enjoyed reading this blog. I know people who have sold second-hand products online as well as purchase. Being able to use the marketplace on Facebook is very useful and time-consuming.

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