Twitter reveals Trump’s true character

Donald Trump was the reason I began using Twitter. When I found out he was using Twitter to communicate directly with people, it intrigued me. I am a journalist. I’ve covered enough events and speeches to know how the media acts as a filter. To hear the words of the President of the United States without the filter of journalists’ interpretations was irresistible.

Following @realDonaldTrump led to me following other U.S. political pundits, and then to Canadian politics. It has even provided a window into some other groups in which I have an interest but no personal connections.

Donald Trump has shaken up the world of politics in many ways, especially by the way he uses social media. He was one of the first to employ “Twitter diplomacy.”

One of the most disturbing aspects of Trump’s use of Twitter, to my mind, is how he uses it to bully people. He engages in name-calling and threats – despicable behavior for a person in a position of authority.

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But he goes further than simple online bullying, according to The New York Times. Trump reportedly uses his social media clout to overrule staff and advisors.

An article in the Times on Nov. 2 stated:

“In the Oval Office, an annoyed President Trump ended an argument he was having with his aides. He reached into a drawer, took out his iPhone and threw it on top of the historic Resolute Desk:

“Do you want me to settle this right now?”

There was no missing Mr. Trump’s threat that day in early 2017, the aides recalled. With a tweet, he could fling a directive to the world, and there was nothing they could do about it.

New York Times, Nov. 2

The article goes on to say that Trump uses the threat of Twitter “to break through logjams, overrule or humiliate recalcitrant advisers and pre-empt his staff.”

Perhaps speaking directly to the public via Twitter has backfired for Trump. Instead of the media downplaying his eccentricities out of respect for his office, his own words have revealed his character (and his poor communication skills, but that’s a discussion for another time).

While social media can provide a very sanitized image of celebrities, in some cases it shows a person’s true colors. Can you think of any other celebrity personas who have shown negative personality traits? Seems to me most of them have more sense.

5 thoughts on “Twitter reveals Trump’s true character

  1. It is interesting that you joined Twitter just to follow the President! It is surreal to me that the President can hold himself to such a low standard of professionalism as the President. I couldn’t imagine what the backlash would be like if something similar happened it Canada!

  2. Ever since I watched the debates between Hilary and him, I found the guy to be quite the dummy. I don’t like to call people that, but the way he presents himself, it amazes me a guy like that can still retain self respect, that much is both idiotic and commendable of him. I don’t use Twitter though I’ve seen some of his tweets and man, I totally agree with you that he didn’t make a good choice keeping up with his tweets. Can’t wait to see him leave office in the next election.

  3. What a great idea for a blog!! There’s nothing like Trump’s nonsense to get people going. I like how you added the twitter account so we can all see for ourselves. Great job and thanks for posting this.

  4. Donald Trump’s Twitter account is one of the most fascinating on the platform – not only because he is the president of the most powerful nation in the world, but also because it provides such an unprecedented amount of absurd tweets and comments. Politicians before Trump also used Twitter to troll and attack their opponents. What makes Trump different is how direct (and, at times, obnoxious) his attacks are and how little he cares about ensuring that whatever he posts or shares is true.

  5. It’s pretty unbelievable that this is the current state of affairs in the US when it comes to their leadership. Your point around how traditional media acts is a filter for messaging from public figures like Trump is so accurate. He’s certainly shown his true colours through his use of Twitter. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on his poor communications skills as I would most certainly agree. Thank you for sharing this!

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