COM0014 – Blog #1: What I Did on My Vacation

Mom & Daughter Vacay

gray plane wing

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You know it’s time for a vacation with your teenager when you hardly spend anytime together because they want nothing to do with you anymore. Do you have a teenage son or daughter? My teen daughter’s recent developmental milestone of asserting her independence has manifested itself by basically avoiding spending time with my husband and I, and spending all her time with her iPhone & friends. That’s it! – we’re toast – we are so. not. cool. plus we’re annoying and cringy to boot. But I didn’t let that stop me! Before we loose the connection with her completely, there must be something we can do to get her excited about spending time together. Given that my husband was too busy with work, I thought that a summer vacation abroad, just her and I, may be the best thing for us! I was on a mission: I jumped on google flights and researched fares and schedules to Europe. I jumped on Facebook messenger and started coordinating availability with friends and family. Before we knew it, we were making our packing lists and finalizing our itinerary. School was out and the next day, we were boarding a plane!


Two weeks can go by so fast. We landed in Amsterdam, stayed with relatives for 4 days and visited the countryside and the city. I highly recommend the canal cruise if you don’t have a lot of time to spend visiting the city. Had a blast here catching up with my relatives – which for my daughter was the #FirstTimeEver meeting them! We toured the countryside together to see the famous windmills, canals, typical bridges, small quaint villages and even a castle. Did you know that the Netherlands is below sea level? You can really see this while driving on small country roads along the dykes; you’re literally below sea level! Then we took off to Brussels to stay with a friend for 4 days, and in between popped in to Paris for an overnight. The highlight was a “VIP walking tour” of Paris and seeing the Eiffel tower lit up up at night. Back to Brussels to finish off seeing the sites and then off again to visit Brugges for 3 days. We stayed in my friend’s country house – a 19th century home nestled in a quaint tree lined property 10 minutes away from the city centre. Did you know that Brugges is nicknamed the Venice of The North because of all its canals? We loved checking out the Saturday morning farmer’s market, walking around the mideaval town, having meals on a terrasse overlooking a canal and taking a side trip to the sea. It was hard to leave but we had to go back to Brussels for one more night and flew home the next day.

eiffel tower at night

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Are you planning a trip to Europe anytime soon? If you are, would you move around and visit as many places as we did, or would you limit the places you visit so you can take the time to chill a little? If you have the energy, you can easily visit many countries in Europe as they’re all very close distance from one another and the train travel is so smooth and fast. But it is very expensive and that can be stressful. I think we may have done a little bit too much. In my opinion, you need to take the time to chill more when travelling with a teenager as they need the time to catch up with their friends on social media and put up their feet. Personally, next time, I would want to visit one or two spots in a 2 week period such as Brugges and the sea side.

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