Listening and monitoring social media

My two favourite social media trend listening and monitoring tools are:

  • Google Alerts
  • Twitter (search function)


For social media trend listening and monitoring I like Google Alerts for a few reasons. The main reason is that I spend a lot of time on my email – so it’s handy that the Google Alerts are delivered to my mailbox through push notifications rather than my having to pull information from various sources on a daily basis. In addition, I like it because I can choose what keywords and businesses that I want to follow and the Alerts push only those specific compilations to my email.

I also like Twitter, because similar to email, I spend quite a bit of time on Twitter and I like the search function so that I can uncover why certain stories or keywords are trending. Often I don’t see where various trends start and only catch vague references so the search function, as well as the top trending subjects, are very helpful.

My two favourite sources of news and updates are:

  • CBC News via Twitter
  • Linked In app

For news, I use the news source of record for most Canadians – CBC. I have a journalism background and am pretty particular about the sources of my news since I understand the different types of “spin” that journalists and columnists put in their writing based on the newspaper or news media who pays their salary. The feeling of being able to trust the source of your information is very important in this day and age.

From a professional development perspective, I tend to use LinkedIn. Having a long and extensive work history means I am able to benefit from a varied group of contacts through that platform (which I tend to invariably access on my mobile device). It is incredibly useful to follow the career paths of people I admire and want to emulate, as well as to see upcoming job postings and opportunities.

My current role doesn’t have a social media element, so much of my use of social media is from these personal and professional networking standpoints.

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