Tools of the Social Trade

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Following trends and listening for industry related news is important to be able to share current, relevant information with our audience. 

The easiest first step to accomplish this is with Google Alerts. Simply type in the business or keywords to monitor, and google will send us notifications if they pop up. This gives us the opportunity to quickly receive, review,  and if warranted, share the news in a timely fashion with our audience. 

Another option is RSS feeds. Whether through programs such as Feedly, this allows up to coordinate our news, blogs and updates so that we can gather everything in a single location to share out with our audience, keeping our accounts current and relevant.

Other options can include Reddit and the HuffingtonPost

News sources such as Twitter may not always be fully accurate. Sites like Snopes let you fact check a story if it makes you raise, or furrow an eyebrow.

Photo Jensen Ackles via AllMediaNY

My Tools of Choice

For the last few years my go to tool has been Hootsuite. It not only allows me to schedule posts, but also allows for listening with hashtags, keywords and mentions on certain platforms.

For local content within the Industries I follow, I rely on LinkedIn. As a professional network, most news posts are shared by experts in their field, which I find is a trustworthy source.

Most recently I discovered SocialBee. Similar to Hootsuite it has scheduling and monitoring options, but it also has the option to post evergreen content, and has its own RSS feed so it can be very all in one. Now I just have to become more proficient with it so that I can take full advantage of its uses and transfer my accounts over. 

Social Bee Overview via YouTube

Have you found a new tool to share? What makes it worth taking a look at?


Jensen Ackles Photo (date unknown) from AllMediaNY from…10506.19920..22921…0.0..0.117.740.2j5……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….35i39j0i67j0j0i8i30j0i24.nawBeidi5O0&ved=0ahUKEwiO24WT19jlAhXMu54KHe0zCh0Q4dUDCAc&uact=5#imgrc=KPxigmXxNzIZvM:

Social Bee Video (July 29, 2019) from YouTube

4 thoughts on “Tools of the Social Trade

  1. The all-in-one stop seems enticing. I will check out SocialBee. My problem with some tools is that the free version doesn’t let me explore too much.
    I have mostly been trying to fully understand and leverage the potential of the tools I have discovered in the course. So I particularly appreciated your suggestion (SocialBee).

    • I agree. I have been using the free Hootsuite for years, but wanted to go to the paid version so I had more options. That’s when I discovered SocialBee. I paid for it but got an amazing lifetime deal through AppSumo. Keep your eye out there, the deals are constantly changing.

  2. Thank you for your blog. I have gained some insight into how to make my next blog better. I am new to this type of soicla media, so your tips about including the links directly into your sentences is very helpful. Regarding RRS feeds, how does that actually work?

    • I appreciate it thank you. RSS isn’t something I have used much of yet, but basically it lets you collect specific blogs or on-line publications into one place so you aren’t having to search fro them. They come to you!

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