Social Listening and Monitoring Tools

accounting-apps-bookkeeper-business-273691Social listening and monitoring are very important for companies. It allows them to monitor how well they are performing online. Being able to perform well means you are building trust with your audience; this helps build your brand and reputation.

I worked briefly with a start up marketing agency, there I used two difference monitoring tools that I liked best over anything else.

SalesForce Social Studio:

This one is like Hootsuite if you have ever used it before. I prefer this tool over Hootsuite though because I find it has more customization tools and allows for a deeper look at your statistics. You can place all your social media accounts into one dashboard for easy monitoring.

With Social Studio you can not only monitor your own statistics, but you can look at how your competition is doing as well. You can customize all your reports so if you only wanted to see KPI’s you can instead of having to sort through all the information. Something like this is important especially at the beginning stages for a company who are trying to build their brand and trust with an online audience.


BrandWatch is a tool that is specific to social listening, you don’t have a place to monitor your full account. You can build reports that monitor specific topics or trends. You can search hashtags or company names and the program will pull all its data from the everywhere on the internet from Google to Twitter to Instagram, etc. It breaks all the data down from where in the world the post was created to whether it has a positive or negative affect with its audience. This is great for companies just starting out, they can get a more in-depth look at how the world is responding to them instead of just what is happening on their own accounts, it will show is anyone has ever mentioned them but not tag them.


I rely a lot on my social media accounts for my news updates. I am on the them every day and I know if its something important it will show up in my news feed. I am a celebrity news junky, so I do follow a few entertainment news accounts get real-time updates. I also watch YouTube videos, searching for the top trending stories to watch every night.

I have used Google Alerts in the past, I do like getting the most updates news from them. I tend to only them though when things like the Olympics are happening so I can always be informed about what is going on.

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