COM0015- Blog #1 Tools and Updates

social mediaListening and monitoring are two important components of social media. For companies to establish their brand identity, build trust and awareness it is crucial that they monitor the conversations. Though, I have not had much experience in maintaining social media accounts for businesses but over the years, two tools that I have used and found them useful are: 

Hootsuite  : 

I have used this platform as a dashboard for maintaining all social media networks. It gives a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in those social accounts. The users can schedule posts, respond to messages, comments and mentions through same dashboard. It is convenient for companies to manage their accounts and tack performances. Companies can spend some time and schedule posts and adhere to their social media calendar to ensure that postings and conversations are responded in timely fashion.  


This tool provides real-time dashboard that is useful for tracking and monitoring hashtags, along with number of retweets, likes and impressions that campaign is generating. It also lets you track outside your network when customers are mentioning about hashtags which enables the organizations to find influences and promote their company. This tool also helps you to find about your competition and what are customers talking about it, which might enable you to come with new products and services to combat the competition.  

News & Updates: 

The tool that I have used to track news is Google Alerts. I have found this very beneficial Canva - Photography of a Woman Sitting on The Chair Listening to Musicas you are able to set an alert and you can receive an email of any new results for alert that shows in in Google search. This way, I am unable to miss on any new information as it lands in my inbox. For capturing news, I follow different news channels on social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as this way everything is on one platform. I follow different companies on different platforms, for example on Twitter I follow industry related topics on media, education and on LinkedIn I follow industry related companies, competition to get all updates. On all platforms I follow major media channels like CBC, CTV, weather network.  


2 thoughts on “COM0015- Blog #1 Tools and Updates

  1. It is so interesting to me to see how others can use the same tools for different purposes!

    I did not know about Keyhole. That’s the second discovery in 2 blogs for me! So many tools are out there.

    • I know! So many tools but my philosophy is master in one tool and stick to it. If it is giving you results you are expecting, then it is working fine!

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