COM0014 – Blog #1: Is a Staycation a Real Vacation?

My husband and I decided to act as tourists to discover the little treasures that are so close to us and yet have not been visited.  Instead of planning a 7-day trip at the same location, we opted to do a different activity and a different location each day of our staycation which would include some visits, activities, and, of course, food and wine tasting of local cuisine.

What seemed easy to plan just kept getting more interesting as we were learning more details than we had anticipated about each destination.  The first day of our staycation was spent at the Spencer Gorge where we discovered the Webster’s and Tews Falls in Hamilton.  Do you know that Hamilton is also called the waterfall capital of the world? 

The second day took us on a 3-hour drive to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula.  We booked a cruise to see the shipwrecks and the tour guide gave us an earful of history.  How many historic shipwrecks do you think happened in that region since 1885?  More than 20 historic shipwrecks have been reported in the region and many of them are still very well preserved.

We chose to relax on the third day.  We headed to Wasaga Beach to take advantage of the sand, the sun and the water.  We just enjoyed walking along the beach, which we had learned later, is the longest freshwater beach in the world with 14 km of sandy shore!

On day 4, we decided to drive to Ottawa and walk along the Rideau Canal.  Our walk took us to a tourist information booth where we learned that the Rideau Canal was a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Did you know that?

We left Ottawa and crossed the bridge to Gatineau, Quebec. After having spent time and money at the Casino du Lac-Leamy (, we decided to spend the night in Gatineau. Day 5 was spent back in Ottawa catching up with family before leaving the following morning.

Coming back on day 6, we opted to go shopping!  Who said that shopping could not be a touristic adventure?  We went to discover the Toronto Premium Outlets which had us occupied for many hours.  We were surprised to learn that more than 80 stores are operating on the premises.  And that is not all, it keeps getting bigger and opening more stores!

I am convinced that you must have a pretty good idea of what we did on day 7 of our staycation.  And yes, that is what we did!  Absolutely nothing!  We just chilled at home with the cats, cooked a good meal, had a nice bottle of wine and talked about our staycation!  I hope this blog will convince you that a staycation can be a real vacation and the next time you have some time off you try it yourself.  Will you? 

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Sweepstakes. Photo credit: Blue Heron Cruises
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2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #1: Is a Staycation a Real Vacation?

  1. Hi Carole,
    I have done staycations, loads of times! I totally recommend them! I can tell you had a very fruitful one. The images you chose are beautiful. And shopping – retail therapy is always a good thing on stay/va-cations.
    I also agree that doing nothing on a staycation, or even a vacation, is….something worthwhile! I believe that it is a very important part of any time off, just to chill and be perfectly happy with those we love, including our pets!! Finally, I did not know about Hamilton being the waterfall capital of the world, that is something I did learn from you. Oh, and if you are looking for another place to go on your next ‘staycation’, you should try Wakefield, I highly recommend going there!

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