COM0014 – Blog #7: The final chapter to this story

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Storytelling, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is the art of sharing stories.

However, the course COM0014: digital communications, has shown me that storytelling is so much more! Storytelling is in fact a major aspect to creating great digital content.

I have learnt over the past few weeks how important it is to choose the correct storytelling tools for your audience, the best approaches to developing an online communication style, and the significance of engaging with your audience.

In today’s online world, it is difficult to capture the attention of potential consumers amongst the noise and distractions of competing businesses. Not only does the average web user have a very short attention span, but we tend to be great content skimmers rather then avid reader. To convince people to buy your product or service, not only do you need to stand out by utilising memorable content, but you must also design your subject matter in a clear and concise fashion with an end in mind.

Moving forward I will use the act of story in my marketing to relate with the target audience. By showcasing a bit of personality behind my words, I am hopeful potential readers will connect with me and will consider my digital content as authentic.

I hope the stories I tell in the future will showcase my personality, be entertaining, inspire others, and ultimately entice my audience to take some sort of action. In the end, the act of using storytelling in marketing is about connecting with potential consumers and having them engage with your product or service.

I cannot believe this course is already wrapping up, and I am excited to take on my last class in the social media program!

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